Elly Mangat Fight 2019: Punjabi Singer Elly Mangat And Harman Walia Sent To 14-Day Judicial Custody

Elly Mangat and Harman Walia were sent to 14-day judicial custody on September 16, 2019. The close friends of Elly Mangat and Harman Walia are also under the close supervision of the police.

Rami Randhawa, Prince Randhawa, and Elly Mangat were involved in threatening each other on social media over small issues.

The 2 parties decided to meet up and settle the situation at Purab Premium Apartments on September 11, this is the date when the police arrested Elly Mangat.

Mangat was booked with 295A and 120B of the Indian Penal Code. A case against him was registered at the Sohana Police Station in Chandigarh.

The SHO of the Sohana Police Station, Rajesh Hastir, said, “Investigations are on to nab the Randhawa brothers. Our force is deployed at the Purab Premium Apartments and PCR patrolling is in full swing.

The SHO added, “Another singer, Vadda Grewal, who is a close aide of Mangat is on our top list as he was more proactive in the videos.”

The Randhawa brothers taunted Elly Mangat on social media for singing vulgar songs, which includes drugs and violence, and told the singer to stop making songs.

Mangat and his team then went live on Instagram and told the Randhawa Brothers that he would thrash them.

The 2 then went on to post videos on social media.

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