Saif Ali Khan says working during night means “taking away time form my son”

During an interview with the Bombay Times, Saif Ali Khan, an actor in Bollywood, talked about how he manages to balance work and provide efficient time for his family.

Saif, who is now 48-years-old, said that he tries to finish his shooting before 8 pm so he could spend time with his family and Taimur, his 2-year-old son.

Saif said, “When I come home after work and find Taimur sleeping, I feel bad. We shoot long hours, but if I haven’t packed up even after 8 PM, I feel uncomfortable because it means taking away time from my son.”

2-year-old Taimur is the son of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, he was born in December 2016.

Saif Ali Khan is currently shooting for the second season of Sacred Games, which is an online show streamed on Netflix.

Saif also talked about how his parents taught him about “respecting family space”.

He said, “In my growing-up years, my parents taught me about the importance of respecting family space. My father was a cricketer and mother is an actress, and they both had hectic schedules. However, we learnt that it is important to talk about other things, too, at home and that’s how life becomes beautiful.”

Saif Ali Khan also brings Taimur to the sets of Sacred Games and is usually seen with his mum, Kareena Kapoor Khan.

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