Planning to Pursue B.Des? 5 Ways to Crack the Entrance Exam

Entrance exams – no matter how dreadful they seem, you can’t deny that they are like your entry ticket to your big dreams. By cracking an entrance exam, you can pursue your favourite course in top colleges and get guidance from the best.

But how to do that? What is the secret to cracking such difficult exams? Well, no doubt that the competition is really high nowadays. Thousands of students appear in such exams and winning over them all is not a child’s play. While there is no guranteed tip, we can, however, tell you about some tried-and-tested ways to crack an entrance exam.

In this article, we have jotted down 5 ways one can crack B. Design entrance exam. Take a look!

  1. Check the Syllabus and Exam Pattern First

If you don’t know about the characters, then how can you write a whole story? So creative people, acquaint yourself with the syllabus and exam pattern first and then begin your preparation. It’s as simple as that. Some of the popular reference books for B. design entrance exam are:

  • NIFT, NID & IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by Dharmendra Mittal
  • NIFT / NID and IIFT Entrance Exam by Mittal D
  • Seeds For CEED by Bhushan Patil
  • Design drawing by Francis Ching
  • Rendering in Pen and ink by Robert Gill
  • Perspective Drawing Handbook by Joseph Amelio

While checking the syllabus ensure that you don’t waste your time on unnecessary subjects. Familiarising with exam pattern helps in determining how much time you should spend on a particular topic.

All these help you in getting a grasp of how you will proceed with the question paper in the examination hall. To get these details, just visit the official website of the college and start your preparation.

  1. Fundamentals Are Foremost

“Get the fundamentals down, and the level of everything you do will rise.”– said Michael Jordon one day and trust us, whoever followed this advice certainly emerged as a winner. Without strong fundamentals, you won’t be able to achieve a higher level of excellence. This is not just about your studies but also designing and sketching skills.

  1. Practice. Practice

If you wish to become an expert in something, practice as much as you can. Some of the ways in which you can practice well are:

  • Solving Previous Years’ Papers
  • Trying Mock Tests
  • Make sketches of everyday things that you come across

Regular practice also proves significant in self-evaluation. When you do something again and again, you are able to identify the areas that lack perfection. In case you realise your preparation is not strong enough, you can go back to your preparation and strengthen your expertise again. In addition to this, practice also improves your speed and accuracy that is something highly beneficial when it comes to solving entrance exams in a limited time.

  1. Take Guidance

At times, self-preparation is not enough. You need a mentor who can help you unlock your potential through tips and guidance. And no, that mentor should not necessarily come from a coaching centre. It can be your teacher or even a YouTube tutorial – it entirely depends on you. They will help in clearing your doubts and make you better at the subjects.

  1. Stay Stress-Free

Preparing for competitive exams can be quite nerving and boring, even if you are preparing for B. Design entrance exam. With so much syllabus hanging on your head, dullness becomes habitual, and it starts affecting your preparation progress. To avoid this, it’s important that you take small breaks and indulge in fun activities like listening to music or playing a game. You can also hangout with your friends or go on a family outing to beat the exam stress.

 If followed diligently, the tips mentioned above can help you crack a B. Design entrance exam with an impressive rank. Good luck!


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