The Bowlers Prefer Wearing Torn Shoes While Bowling

In Spite Of Earning So Much They Prefer Torn Shoes On Field While Bowling And There Is A Reason Behind It

Torn Shoe.

Have you ever wondered why all the bowlers wear torn shoes. Every fan should know the real reason why they actually tear their shoes on field while bowling.

The Reason.

Well it is some 10th level Physics, our feet is not designed to suddenly change speed or direction as the upper part of our body remains in motion.

Another Reason.

The another reason behind it is most of the pace bowlers take a big leap before releasing the ball. Their foot lands on the pitch and exerts a pressure on their toe that almost gets crushed between the end of the shoe and rest of the foot. This increases the chances of the toenail being clipped off

They Do It Before Getting On The Field.

So most of the bowlers, specially right handed have left foot as their landing foot, they rip their left shoe before getting on the field.

The Bowlers Prefer Wearing Torn Shoes While Bowling

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