15 Incredible things which occurred in the year 2018 which just ended

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As 2018 comes to a close, many are ready for the New Year. While some are very busy making their New Year resolutions and targets, others are back flashing what the ending year 2018 had for them.

As the year 2018 was accompanied by good, bad, and sometimes ugly things, we have decided to make a positive end to it. Having the spirit of sharing the positivity, we offer you some of the best things which brought joy and happiness worldwide. If you never achieved your plans in 2018, then be positive that all will be possible in 2019.

1. Uttarakhand cops saved a man’s life by carrying him on their shoulders a distance of 2km uphill


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This Facebook post by the Uttarakhand police which features Bahuguna with the man on his shoulder as shared more than 1,600 times in a few days. (Source: Uttarakhand Police/Facebook)


Sub Inspector of Uttarakhand police department, Lokendra Bahuguna, was in the news headlines for saving a helpless man by carrying him on his shoulder all the way up a distance of 2 km. The man’s life was saved when they reached a healthcare centre in Yamunotri. From the information sourced from the Uttarakhand Police Facebook post, Bahuguna was in the team of traffic police managing traffic in Bhario Ghati. This track is located between Vaishno Devi and Sanji Chhat.

2. A man Chooses humanity over religious: he broke the most observed Ramadan fast and donates blood to a thalassemic child


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The man from Bihar by the name Jawed Alam will go down in history for breaking his Ramadan fast just to save the life of a thalassemic child. (Source: Getty Images)

An 8-year-old child was saved by Jawed Alam who is a staunch Muslim. He broke his Ramadan fast and donates blood to save the child. The child was suffering from thalassemia which is a serious condition which requires that the patient should undergo blood transfusion after every three weeks.

3. Tweets by Vigilant passengers aid rescue of 26 minor girls from the train; tweeple laud man


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The tweet informed the police officers in both Gorakhpur and Lucknow and they all got engaged in the rescue process. (Representational image/file photo)


All praises to the vigilant passengers for their tweets which aided the rescue of 26 minor girls from the human-trafficking gang. One of the passengers travelling by the Avadh Express posted an SOS tweeting requesting the railway officials to take any necessary action after he saw the girls in tears in a compartment.

4. UK University’s response to critics of refugee scholarships wins hearts online


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The social media team managing the university twitter handle was praised online for standing strong and handles the matter professionally. (Source: Wiki Commons)


The response by the University of Reading responded to the complaints raised concerning the refugee scholarships in the most appropriate way. Other British universities had also joined the room to offer their support to the cause. There were lots of reactions on Twitter as people were glad that the educational institutions have stepped in to assist the displaced persons as a result of political differences and war.

5. All smiles as UK Sikh NIG offers Eid gifts to more than 500 Syrian refugees


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Khalsa Aid offered new clothes and shoes as gifts to over 500 Syrian refugees in different camps just before the Eid. (@khalsa_aid/ Twitter)


The Syrian refugees will now smile as they have been gifted with special Eidis this year. Sikh NGO gave over 500 refugees surprise gifts. Khalsa Aid is a UK based NGO which offers relief and does a favour to humanity in various places of distress and makes children to wear that broad smile in their faces

6. A man appreciated online for saving the blind who fell on subway tracks


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This is a photograph of three kind men helping the injured blind man who was shared online by one of the witnesses saying that their brave act deserves an appreciation. (Source: Julie Caniglia/ Facebook)


A Canadian became a hero for risking his own life to save a blind man who lost balance and fell on the tracks at a train station. The man who was later identified as Kyle Busquine didn’t fear the danger of electrocution and went ahead to save the blind man at Broadview Station in Toronto.

7. In the food quality assessment, Kerala IAS officer takes his lunch together with the students; wins heart online


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The photo showing his interaction with the children during the visit was shared on his official Facebook page and has received praises online. (Source: District Collector Alappuzha/ Facebook)


The impromptu visit by the district collector to a school has been praised online. An IAS officer in Kerala visited a school in Neerkunnam to find out about the quality of the lunch meal and ended up sharing their meal. The beautiful show by the officer motivated both the school children and the online community, who credited him for his vigilance and dedication to his work.

8. ‘Hats off’: Manipur IAS officer became a hero after actively participating in a flood rescue process in waist-deep water


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The man in a blue shirt named Deleep Singh is the flood control secretary in Manipur. He received praises online for his act of leading the rescue team through the waist-deep water. (Source: Twitter)


A photograph of an IAS officer Deleep Singh from Manipur standing in the middle of waist-deep water while leading the flood rescue operation in the area affected by floods in Imphal was shared by many people online. The photo features the flood control secretary, Mr Singh, getting into action.

9. The DU professor’s post on Facebook showing how teachers contributed fees for a student gone viral


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A Bahati Colege professor posted on Facebook the kind action done by the teachers in raising fees for a student at the college.


Nandini Sen, who is a senior professor at Bahati College situated in West Delhi, shared a heartwarming incident on Facebook which indicates how teachers at the college raised fees for a student. Among very many students who are applying for a chance to take undergraduate programmes at the DU, one of them qualified but could not join on the account that she lacked college fees.

10. Khalsa Aid volunteers finally got to Kochi and then set up Langar to offer 2000 people food


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Volunteers from Khalsa Aid India got to Kochi to assist the Kerala flood victims. (Source: Khalsa Aid International/ Facebook)


Kerala was attacked by one of the worst floods in a century leaving behind victims. Sikh volunteers from Khalsa Aid International which is a UK based NGO have finally reached the state to assist the victims. Their Indian group volunteers got to Kochi and set up Langar to feed over 2000 flood victims.

11. Sachin Tendulkar receives praises online after rescuing and feeding dehydrated Kite


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Sachin Tendulkar contacted an NGO which takes care of birds and animals at large to take the kite and was later released to continue with its natural life. (Source: Sachin Tendulkar/ Facebook)


The cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is known for his amazing performance when he gets to the fields and also his active role in sensitizing people about their social responsibilities. From the video clip shared by him on Facebook, Sachin could be seen administering first aid despite the fact that he is not good at it.

12. A photo featuring a dog as it waits for a homeless man at the hospital entrance has gone viral


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The dog kept on waiting until the man was discharged from the hospital. (Source: Cris Mamprim)


“Dogs are man’s best friend” is a famous saying which is true and this post which went viral proves it. A homeless man was admitted to a hospital in Brazil and the hospital staff realized that the man was not alone. He had four dogs which waited at the entrance the whole time the man was being treated.

13. An Argentinian police officer receives an unexpected promotion as a photo of her breastfeeding an infant goes viral


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The cop, a mother of the 16-month-old baby girl, did not hesitate to breastfeed an infant who was crying of hunger. (Source: @cristianritondo/ Twitter)


The Argentinian police officer’s act of kindness won hearts of millions online after a photograph of her feeding a neglected infant was shared online. Celeste Ayala breastfed an infant who was rescued along with five others from their home. After her much appreciation online, she was promoted.

14. It was all praises from different parts of the world as Thailand cave rescue operation ends successfully


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The boys in the company of their coach got trapped in a Tham Luang Non-cave in Chiang Rai province after a heavy downpour flooded the entrance. (Source: File Photo)


The rescue operation aimed at saving 12 football boys and their coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand ended successfully after many weeks of struggle to save them. All of them were brought to safety alive! People from different parts of the world congratulated the rescue team and praised the courage they had to rescue the boys.


15. Andhra MLA spends nights at the crematorium to remove the fear of ghosts; gets praises online


The Palakollu MLA spent three good nights at the crematory to remove the fear of ghosts among workers. (Source: Nimmala Rama Naidu/ Facebook)


Palakollu MLA Nimmala Rama Naidu spent three good nights at the crematorium to remove fears from workers who refused to report to work at the site. The photograph of MLA sleeping at the feared crematorium has been shared online with many people praising his bravery.

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