3 Assistant Sub-Inspectors And One Police Constable Dismissed From Duty For Raiding Priest’s House In Jalandhar Without Warrant

3 Assistant Sub-Inspectors and a Police Constable have been dismissed from their duties for raiding a priest’s house in Jalandhar without a warrant earlier this year.

The 4 police officers that have been dismissed are Assitant Sub-Inspectors Joginder Singh, Rajpreet Singh, Dilbagh Singh, and Head Constable Amrik Singh.

Mandeep Singh Sidhu, a police officer of the Patiala Police, said that the police have decided to dismiss the 4 police officers from duty.

The 4 police officers are currently in the Patiala Central Jail.

In April this year, the 4 police officers were part of a police team that conducted a raid at the priest’s house in Jalandhar without any warrant or approval from the police.

The Khanna Police claimed in March 2019 that they seized Rs. 9.66 crores from 5 men and a church priest.

But the priest took the issue to the higher police and the Income Tax Department and requested to release the Rs. 16.65 crores that the police seized.

The priest said that the money came from a business and alleged that the police pocketed some of the seized money.

Preliminary investigations revealed that two Assistant Sub-Inspectors pocketed Rs. 5.8 crores.

The Patiala Police launched a probe into the police officers who were part of the “illegal raid”.

The investigation revealed that ASI Joginder Singh and ASI Rajpreet Singh pocketed some of the money.

They have returned the Rs. 4.60 crores that they pocketed.

The SIT (Special Investigation Team) concluded that ASI Joginder Singh and ASI Rajpreet Singh pocketed Rs. 5.8 crores from the seized money during the raid.

The two were then arrested by the police for pocketing the money.

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