31-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Dies After Catching Coronavirus At Surprise Baby Shower

A woman who spent most of her pregnancy in isolation died after contracting the deadly coronavirus during a surprise baby shower that was organized by her friends.

It is reported that one of the guests of the baby shower party was carrying the disease.

Camila Graciano had taken great care to avoid the deadly outbreak that has claimed around 117,000 lives in Brazil.

During the 8th month of her pregnancy, colleagues at the school were shocked when the mother decided to throw a baby shower at her house, which is in Annapolis, in the central Brazilian state of Goias.

One of the friends that she invited to the party was infected with the coronavirus when she attended the party, however, that person did not have any symptoms.

Daniel Helio Ambrosio, the brother of Camila, said:

Soon afterward [the friend] got really bad and let the others who were there know. Unfortunately, my sister was one of those infected.

3 days after the party, Camila was rushed to a hospital. But the problem was that there were problems in finding a bed for her.

She was then admitted into a maternity ward for high-risk pregnancies, which had a special section for women that tested positive with the coronavirus.

Camila gave birth to a girl, but sadly the mother passed away.

According to the brother of Camila, the baby was born prematurely and is doing well.

The baby is showing good signs and is breathing alone without having to need an incubator.

Talking about Camila, the family thought that she would survive and recover from the deadly disease.

Doctors said that they thought she would recover as she was showing signs of significant improvement.

Ambrosio, the brother of Camila, said:

 Right after giving birth, she showed some major improvement.

Doctors told her family that her lungs were improving, her heart rate was improving, and so was her blood pressure.

But on Friday last week, the condition of Camila went bad and she passed away 1 day after.

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