9-Year-Old Girl Writes Adorable Letter To Santa Saying She Has Everything She Needs

A 9-year-old girl is winning the hearts of thousands of people on social media after a picture of her letter to Santa Claus was shared on social media.

Emilia Burgio, the –year-old girl, was asked by her parents to write a wish list for Christmas.

The 9-year-old took a lot of time to write that wish list, but after some time, she handed out a letter to her father.

The father gave at least 10 ideas for gifts, but upon opening the letter he was surprised.

Emilia, who lives in Wandsworth, South London, wrote on that paper that she already has everything for Christmas and thanked Santa for his wonderful time.

Her letter read, “To Santa, I have been thinking long and hard what I want for Christmas. And realized that I have everything already the best family and friend already.”

She added, “But there is one or two things I would like please, but only if you have time because I know you will already have a lot to do. Thank you for your time.”

Those 2 things are roller skates and the Scarlet and Ivy series of books.

The father of Emilia, whose name was not shared with the public, said the letter was amazing.

He added, “It made us feel we are doing something right. She is very sensitive and very concerned about what other people are thinking. It was really rewarding to read as a parent.”

Jasmine Stevens, the nanny of the 9-year-old girl, was moved by the letter.

Jasmine shared the picture of the letter on a group on Facebook.

Jasmine said, “I just had to share. This nine-year-old I nanny wrote this letter to Santa. She is so kind, caring, gentle and selfless.”

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