A Man Gets Kicked Out Of Car Showroom For Being ‘Too Poor’, He Soon Came With A REVENGE And Everyone Are Loving It

Varun Mukherjee, 33, from Bengal considers himself a man of simplicity. He works in a private company and has a girlfriend. His biggest love in life is cars. He started writing a blog post about a new supercar that just hit the market. Eager to see the masterpiece up close, he went to a local car dealership.

Love for cars

While looking at one particular car, he was approached by a salesman who asked him if he can afford the deposit on one of those cars. “I was surprised, not only by his question but by his attitude as well”. James tried to explain that he only wanted to look at the cars and that he was even going to mention the car dealership in his post.

But unexpectedly, he was kicked out for being ‘too poor’. He left the place. “Needless to say, I was furious. When I got home, I wrote a blog post describing my horrible experience and the most unprofessional car salesman I’ve ever met”.

Varun told “I love cars and was just looking around. I have a little blog where I write reviews and go to a different dealership every now and then. I don’t bother anyone, don’t ask questions or ask for a test drive. I know I can’t afford these cars so I let the salesmen talk to actual customers.”

Love of cars

The post got viral and spread over the web in just a couple of days. His blog became crowded with regular readers and his email inbox was full of letters of support.

What happened the next day will leave everyone speechless. Among those loads of mails, he received a few business proposals. A big media company noticed Varun’s writing skills and decided to hire him. He was offered a job he always dreamed of. He worked hard until he became a top figure in his department.

After a couple of months, he realized that he now has enough to buy himself a new car.” And he knew exactly where to find one. Varun went to the same place where he was kicked out of. He even took his girlfriend with him and acted like a businessman.

Man gets kicked out of car dealership for being “too poor”

“As soon as we stepped inside, I noticed the guy who kicked me out last time. But I also noticed the manager.” They started looking around and soon enough, Varun got the manager’s attention. “I told him I wanted to buy a new car, the same one I looked at before”. As Varun followed the manager to the table, he was greeted by the same employee who kicked him out.

“He asked me if he can be of assistance. I told him that he had already said more than enough the last time when he called me poor and kicked me and that I already made a deal with his boss. Needless to say, he was speechless. His boss seemed furious. Soon enough, we finished the paperwork. As I and my girlfriend were leaving, we heard the manager telling the employee to come into his office.”

When Varun Mukherjee dropped by the next day, the rude employee was nowhere to be found, as he heard he had been fired. “I do feel sorry a bit, but when I think about it, he only got what was coming to him”.

Note: This is a fictional story, no picture is completely relevant nor representative of anything. In a way, one can read this in dystopian perspective.

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