Chef Vikas Khanna Shared A Picture Of A Woman Breastfeeding A Deer, And People Are Praising It

In times showcasing the distress between humans and animals, here is a picture that will warm your hearts like never before. A stunning image posted on social media by Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna shows a woman tenderly breastfeeding a baby deer.

Chef Vikas Khanna

Khanna shared a captivating image on Twitter explaining that the woman in the picture is a member of the Bishnoi community who has breastfed many baby deer and saved their lives. The chef revealed that the Bishnoi women have been following this tradition for decades and have been nursing fawns like their own children.

But, the latest image is going viral on the internet and has captured the attention of thousands of people, collecting over 34,000 ‘likes’ on Instagram from the time of being posted. The image depicts how tenderly the woman is breastfeeding the fawn.

Bishnoi women

The religious sect founded by Guru Jambheshwar 500 years ago believes in treating all living beings equally.

The picture shows a woman holding the young fawn as it suckles her breast. As a community, the Bishnois believe strongly in protecting the environment and wildlife. They are known for their love of chinkaras and deer. The community doesn’t let poachers hunt animals in areas where they live – mainly western Rajasthan – and also protect trees.

In fact, the famous forest conservation movement known as the Chipko movement is believed to have been inspired by a woman from the Bishnoi community.

The world-renowned chef and former judge of the popular show, “Masterchef India”, quoted the picture,  “The greatest form of humanity is compassion – A Bishnoi woman told me as she had breastfed and saved many orphaned and injured baby deer in her life in the deserts of Rajasthan, India.”

The former judge of the popular show, Masterchef India also adds hashtags,#HighestRespect, and #BelovedIndia. This picture also proves that apart from being a popular chef, Vikas Khanna is a good photographer, too.

As per a report, the picture has been taken in Jodhpur where the chef is doing his research work for his upcoming project titled, ‘Beloved India’. Since then, many people have commented on this picture.

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