Adnan Sami Goes Through Reverse Transformation, After Losing 130 KG Weight He Is Fat Again

Adnan Sami is a Pakistani-born Indian singer, musician, music composer, pianist, actor and has been hailed as the “Sultan of Music”.

Although he dominated the Indian music scene for decades, Adnan created a media frenzy in 2007, not for his achievements in the field of music but for his extreme weight. Much to his chagrin, 10 years later, Adnan Sami’s weight loss is still a topic of conversation.


Everyone was already in love with his melodious voice, but Adnan Sami made headlines and had set a great example for people when he lost around 130 KG weight. As he transformed from Fat to Fit, his fans and admirers all over the world were left amazed. After he lost his weight, he became the talk of the town and everyone was just going gaga over his hard work and dedication.

As an overweight person can attest, there is invariably a weight loss trigger, a point where you say enough is enough! For Adnan Sami, that point was when he had to undergo a lymphedema surgery and was bedridden for 3 months. Losing even 10 kg of weight is not a simple task and when he reduced 130 kgs, it was like removing two persons from a body.


One can only imagine how tough it must have been for him because he had to leave his food habits and change the lifestyle completely. Adnan was already a singing inspiration for many people and he became a fitness inspiration too.

If you are not aware of the fact, then we should inform you that Adnan Sami is all set to make his acting debut too. Yes, Adnan Sami will be making his acting debut with his upcoming movie ‘Afghan’. You will be shocked to know that Adnan Sami has transformed himself again but this time he has gone reverse, from Fit to Fat.

Recently, Adnan Sami was clicked at the Mumbai Airport as he was returning from Dubai with his family. He has gained a lot of weight again. Although, we are not sure if the weight loss is intentional because of the demand of the script or natural.

However, irrespective of his size, his voice is mesmerizing and very soulful.

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