Australian Teens Drive Around Kangaroo Island, Saving 20 Koalas From Raging Bushfires

Natural land in Australia is being destroyed by raging bushfires, and the results have been devastating. The raging bushfires have killed nearly 500 million animals, houses of residents, and the lives of innocent people.

Despite all the chaos and negativity around Australia right now, there are some kind acts that are surfing the internet, proving that there is still faith in humanity.

In a video that was shared on Reddit, you can see 2 teenager cousins traveling in a car around the Kangaroo Island, trying to save animals, particularly Koalas from the fire.

The short video that was posted on Reddit shows a car filled with koalas.

19-year-old Micah and 18-year-old Caleb, the 2 boys in the video, were in Kangaroo Island, trying to save Koalas.

The Kangaroo Island is also known as Australia’s answer to the Galapagos Islands, as it has a rich biodiversity.

The boys in the video said the saved around 20 Koalas from Kangaroo Island.

The boys said 6 of the koalas were orphaned and 2 of them were mothers with children.

Not only saving them, but the 2 young boys have also promised to look after the koalas until they are fully capable of returning to the wild.

The video was shared by SteveOh on Reddit, and he said the animals his cousins saved are okay.

The animals did not have burns on their body, and were active, mature, and were responsive in every single way.

The horrible part about their save is that they also found out nearly 60 percent of the Koala population in the Kangaroo Island had burned to death.

It is reported that one-fifth of the koalas they saved died within the first day due to their injuries.

The video was shared by SteveOh on Reddit along with the caption of: “Amid the terrible bushfires in Australia, my cousins went out and saved as many koalas as they could. Good on ’em.”

Around half of the Kangaroo Island is thought to have been destroyed by the massive bushfires.

It is reported that more than 20,000 koalas have died, over half of the island’s 50,000 strong population.

The boys in the video didn’t want to bring the koalas out of the island as they want to work on increasing the population of the poor animals.

Good work boys, you just proved not all heroes wear capes!

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