School Bus Driver Saves Money To Buy Gifts For Every Kid That Rides His Bus

Man with a golden heart.

A school bus driver from Dallas, Texas, USA, is currently viral on social media right now because of the thing that they did.

Curtis Jenkins, a school bus driver for Lake Highlands Elementary School, asked each kid on his bus route what they would like for Christmas so he could buy them gifts.

He used his own money and the money that he received from a number of community members.

The man ended up buying 70 gifts for kids that were riding his bus.

The students got to know about the gifts when they were picked up at school on December 21, 2018.

The school also posted pictures of the gifts and Curtis.

They shared the images on Facebook, where they went viral right away.

During an interview with GMA (Good Morning America), Jenkins said he was motivated to do such a thing for the kids because he wanted to magnify “love and care”.

Jennifer Wilcox, the PTA president of the school, released a statement about the kind act of Jenkins.

The statement reads:

He asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas and kept a list. I believe his motivation was to bless the kids and to put smiles on their faces. We have a diverse student population and our staff and parents work hard to create a kind and inclusive environment.

Jennifer said that the story of Jenkins is a great example of generosity.

A kid that got a gift from Jenkins asked the kind man if he was Santa.

The kind bus driver says he wants to do more good things in the future.

He also wants to start a non-profit organization, which will be called the Magnify, Caring and Change Foundation, to continue his acts of kindness.

This is such a good thing to do!

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