Indian Railway Officer Risks Own Life To Save Woman That Fell On Rail Tracks

New Delhi, India: A good Railway Police Force (RPF) Constable was caught on cam risking their own life to save a woman that fell on the railway tracks of a train station.

The video is viral on the internet right now and you can watch it below:

Shyam Surat, the brave RPF constable, risked his life to save the life of a 23-year-old woman.

After the brave officer jumped on the tracks, another person jumped to help the woman and the officer.

The entire incident was caught on cam and was shared on social media right away, where it went viral.

The 2 men were applauded for their work.

The woman that fell on the rail tracks has been identified as Aneesha Sheikh.

According to official reports, the incident happened on Platform 2 of Thursday evening on the Sandhurst Road Railway Station in Mumbai.

Sheikh was walking on the platform when they suddenly felt dizzy and fell on the railway tracks.

The heroic act of the RPF constable was shared on Twitter earlier this week.

The CCTV footage showed passengers that were on the platform telling the train to stop because a woman fell on the railway tracks.

Such an amazing thing to witness in times like these!

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