Hyundai Brazil Adopts Stray Dog Then Made Him Their Adorable Sales Executive

Things have been pretty rough this year, but good things are still happening to millions of people all over the world, and one of them happened in Brazil.

Hyundai Brazil, an automotive company, shared an adorable news on social media (Instagram) and confirmed that they have hired a stray dog to become their new adorable sales executive.

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Mais do que pet friendly, somos pet family: se hoje é o Dia do Vira-lata, não faltam razões e #pets para comemorar! Conheçam o @tucson_prime o “cãosultor” de vendas da concessionária @PrimeHyundai de Serra – ES. O novo integrante tem cerca de um ano, foi acolhido pela família #Hyundai e já conquistou colegas de trabalho e clientes com a sua simpatia – e se ele também acabou de conquistar a sua, toque duas vezes na foto! E você, tem um membro da família com quatro patas assim que adora o seu #Hyundai? Poste a sua foto com #HyundaiPets e fique de olho: ela pode aparecer por aqui. #DiaDoViraLata #PetFriendly #Dogs #Caes #Animais #HyundaiBR

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Along with the news, the company also shared adorable images of the stray dog wearing an official badge that belongs to the company.

Not only that, but images that were shared on social media also shows the dog doing its duty, which is being a good doggo.

In the post that was made on Instagram, the Hyundai company said:

More than pet friendly, we are pet family: if today is the Day of the Mutt, there are plenty of reasons and #pets to celebrate! Meet @tucson_prime, the sales dog at the dealership @PrimeHyundai de Serra – ES. The new member is about a year old, was welcomed by the #Hyundai family and has already won over co-workers and customers with his sympathy – and if he also just won yours, double-tap the photo!

Tucso, the dog, even has his own Instagram account, which currently has over 40,000 followers.

Emerson Mariano, their showroom manager, said that feedback for Tucson’s customer-interaction in the store have been extremely positive.

Not only that, but thanks to the positivity that was brought by Tucson the environment at their work has improved drastically.

Mariano also said that the dog has a very caring and docile nature.

The company also said that many customers have returned to the store even after purchasing a vehicle just to meet Tucson and give him gifts.

Mariano said everything started when Tucson took refuge outside the showroom during heavy rain.

The staff of the company felt sorry for him so they brought him in and gave him food, water, and love.

Tucson then stayed there until this day.

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