Watch Video: The New Method Of Giving Birth, Baby Boy Walks Out Of Mother’s Womb

One of the most beautiful times for a woman is ‘while giving birth to a baby’. Each and every woman feels proud during pregnancy times as they are going to give birth to a new life. Giving birth is the most valuable gift to women that god has given them.

Natural cesarean

Though they struggle a lot while giving birth, but as soon as their bundle of joy comes out of the womb, they forget all their pain and struggle. For some people, this could seem frightened. Thus, the doctors are giving a variety of birth methods to choose such as vaginal delivery, caesarean section (C-section), vaginal birth after caesarean, Forceps delivery, etc.

But there is also a new method of giving birth which is called as ‘Gentle Caesarean or Natural Caesarean’ – a combination of natural and caesarean. After watching this video, every woman wants this latest method of giving birth to their babies.

This method was used for the delivery of Sophie Messager’s friend. Hence, she captured the process of the delivery when her friend was giving birth to a baby boy. In the video, the little boy was seen crawling on his mother’s womb and wriggling his way out of the womb.

Watch The Video Here:

The video has gone viral since then and has been watched more than 2.4 million times.

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