Bani J Sang Her First Debut Song Against Trollers

Bani J, we all are aware of this name as she is one of the most celebrities in India. She is a fitness idol for every girl and also for boys around the world. Recently, Gurbani Judge and most of you know her by Bani J sang her first debut song for trollers.



This song created by Rising by TLC channel and had been uploaded on 1st June. This music video has got more than 1.1 Million views till now and still counting. This video had crushed the haters and also inspired people who have been trolled for any reason to stand against bullying.

Gurbani Judge aka Bani J made a statement to IANS and said, “Mard. Half Mard, Kya Karna cha rahi ho?’, Who will get married to you?’, Tatto ki Dukan’ – A lot of people like to throw their opinions in your face”.

We all know that no one has right to judge you and if people do they are wasting their own time, You should not get affected by it. Bani said that she believes that judging people and making assumptions about them is entirely pointless. Like, who are we to judge one another? It’s all ego and, and it’s never going to be productive or fruitful.



This music video was the first video of ‘Trolled’ series of a music video by Rising by TLC channel and there also going to be three more videos of Trolled. They are going to get another famous female celebrity for other videos of Trolled. They also mentioned that this platform is created for women to raise a voice and even for people who had been trolled and wanted to do something about it.

Every video about trolled is going to be in the form of music video with different celebrities each time. We all know that how much people love Bani J, She was an ex-Big Boss and Rodies too. Bani J is the perfect choice for makers to start this music series because of her followers and her ‘Sorry, Not So Sorry’ attitude about the trollers. Do not let trolls pull you down, Stand against it.


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