Best 3D Modeling & Graphics Applications Available for Free

The 3D Designer community is increasing everyday. This is because the demand of 3D models and Graphics being increased every day. Many professional designers when collaborate with application developer produce some awesome 3D modeling and graphic designing application to help you design 3D model and graphics.

In case you own a 3D printer, it is necessary to work with a 3D modeling and graphics application in order to print anything. Most of the 3D models and graphics applications are free to access and use. Although, there are some paid ones too which professionals use.

If you were searching for a 3D modeling and graphics application which will assist to print 3D models without any hassle then you are at the right place.

Today, we will taking a look at some of the best 3D modeling and graphics applications which are absolutely to be used. Let’s get started.

Best 3D Modeling & Graphics Applications Available for Free

Well, all the applications mentioned in this list can be used to create all the 3D visualisations like interactive video games, videos, and images and you don’t even have to pay for any kind of subscription.

Let’s get started with the first 3D modeling & Graphics application on our list.


Blender is a free 3D modeling & graphics application which is mostly used by individuals or small studios for a small project.Blender can be installed on almost all the Platforms out there including Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The user interface of Blender provides you a consistent experience with the help of OpenGL.

You get a wide variety of tools which you can use to create 3D model & graphics. These tools include Texturing, UV mapping,game creation, VFX, skinning/rigging, animation maker, compositing, rendering, scripting and what not.

Overall, it is a very consistent 3D modeling & graphics designing application but if you are planning for a huge project then you should consider the next applications on your list.

3DS Max

3DS Max is one of the most sophisticated and professional 3D modeling & graphics application that you get right now. You can customise, collaborate and create 3D content with the help of 3DS Max in a quick manner.

Even Some professional architects from the wold use this tool to create 3D models & graphics. You get a lot of new features in 3DS Max and some of them are also requested by the users of this application which means the Developers of this application do care about the user experience.

You get features including game creating, VFX, compositing, rendering, scripting, simulations, animation, skinning, rigging, texturing, and UV mapping.

This is the most professional 3D modeling & graphics application on this list. You can definitely considering downloading it of you are a professional in 3D Developing & graphics field.


Before discussing about the last but not the least application on our list, let me tell you about FutureOn which uses 3D modeling Technology in the finest way possible. You can check out their products as well.

SketchUp is another application on this list but it is slightly from the others mentioned in this list. It is made for beginners. It is so easy to use that even people with 0℅ knowledge in this field can use it without any hassle.

This is a perfect choice for kids, hobbyists or someone who wants to start developing 3D models & graphics. It is as easy as drawing. All you need to do is draw your imagination and it will create a 3D model of your imagination.

You can definitely considering starting your 3D modeling & graphics journey with the help of this application.

These were the Best 3D modeling and Graphics applications that you will find for free. You can download any of the mentioned application from the internet without any hassle.

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