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Gurbani is one of the best ways that have been introduced to humans in order to understand the teachings of the Sikh Gurus and other writers of the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The sacred texts that are written for us humans to understand help us to become better persons in life and promote peace and love instead of hatred and war.

Sikhism is a very peaceful religion and its teachings stand strong in protecting the lives of the innocent and fighting the bad along with helping the ones that are in need of it during their toughest and lowest times in life.

Gurbani, which is also called Guru Di Bani or Guru’s Bani, are explanations of qualities of the lord and the soul which a Sikh is required to comprehend and attain in their lifetime.

Gurbani Meaning And Origin

Gurbani is composed of 2 words, Gur and Bani. Gur has a number of meanings. It can mean wisdom, an internal conscious mind, or jaggery, which is a natural product made of sugarcane and is known for its sweet flavor. Gurbani means the speech of wisdom and the speech of the conscious mind.

Some also refer to Gurbani as the sweet words of the Guru that help us see positivity in life despite it being very painful.

One of the most famous lines that are written in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is “Nanak Dukhiya Saab Sansaar”, which translates to there is no person in this world that does not feel pain or is in a place where sadness is not present.

Best Compilation Of Gurbani Vichar Kirtan, Songs And Videos In Punjabi | Download And Stream

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