Blue Java Bananas, the Bananas that tastes like a Vanilla Ice Cream

Blue Java Bananas, the bananas that many say tastes like Vanilla Ice Cream, instead of having a yellow color, the Blue Java Banana has a unique blue color.

Many say that the Blue Java banana has the same flavor and consistency of a vanilla ice cream.

The Blue Java Banana originated from South East Asia and is known to spread throughout the northern parts of Australia.

The Blue Java Banana is also available in Fiji and Hawai.

The Blue Java Banana is also called as Ice Cream Banana, Hawaiian Banana, Ney Mannan, Krie, or Cenizo. This banana is known to have a sweet flavor which tastes similar to a vanilla ice cream.

Blue Java Bananas are fluffier than a normal yellow banana that is available in your local market, its texture makes it feel like the Blue Java Banana melts in your mouth once you take a bite of it.

When Grant Campbell, a Fitness Vlogger, who is also known as Raw Aussie Athlete, tasted the Blue Java banana, he said it looks like there is a “Party in my mouth” and called its flavor “phenomenal.”

LadyFlora, another YouTuber, said the bananas have a ‘very creamy taste’ and a ‘much milder flavor’ than a normal banana.

She added, “The texture is much better, and it’s sweeter too.”

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