Chinese Restaurant Weighs Customers Before Entering So They Won’t Order Too Much Food

A Chinese restaurant apologized to its customers after their staff placed scales at the entrance so that they won’t order too much food.

They did it before they would order any food.

The fried beef outlet in the city of Changsha, China, said that they are deeply sorry for any upset caused after the staff placed the scales by the doors as diners arrived.

The restaurant also installed a sign next to the scales telling its customers how much they should order based on their current weight.

According to a report published by the South China Morning Post, the Chuiyan Fried Beef restaurant suggested that women that weigh under 90lbs should order no more 2 dishes. For men that are weighing 70 to 80 kilograms, they could have up to 3 dishes.

The scheme was introduced by the Chuiyan Fried Beef restaurant after the President of China spoke out about the food waste problem of the country.

Tan Yan, the president of the Chuiyan Fried Beef, said that over 1,000 group of diners had gone along with the idea that they have.

During an interview with the local press, Yan said:

The activity was voluntary. Many female customers like to weigh themselves, and their body weight was sent to their phones, not shown on the scales, so it did not breach their privacy.

Tan said the restaurant’s campaign would continue, but the company will be working hard to improve it.

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