Career Options after B Pharma Other than Pharmacist

The 21st century is full of possibilities, and there are more career options than ever. Gone are the days when the industry limited students; the growth across all sectors is leading to new avenues. Students who are inclined towards medicine can make it big in the pharmacy sector.

A career in pharmacy is highly lucrative and offers plenty of job opportunities. Most people think that after pursuing B Pharma courses; they can only pursue a job as a pharmacist. However, that’s far from true, and there are plenty of opportunities in this domain. After completing B Pharma courses, students can work across many different job profiles and pursue different career options. Before venturing into the career options, let’s know more about B Pharma course.

What is B Pharma?

B Pharma or Bachelor of Pharmacy is a 4-year degree program spread across eight semesters that prepares students to pursue a career as a licensed pharmacist in India. It is the gateway to numerous career options in the field of pharmacy and is highly regarded across the world.

Career Options after B Pharma

There are many substantial career options after B Pharma. Typically, most students think they can only become a pharmacist after pursuing B Pharma; however, that’s the talk of a bygone era. Today, there are career options that extend from research to education and many more. Even though pharmacist is a much widely recognised and pursued job profile; some options extend beyond that.

  1. Entrepreneurship

After pursuing B Pharma courses, a student is thoroughly equipped with the knowledge to start their venture in the pharma sector. Students who have an independent mindset are best suited for a career as an entrepreneur. They can establish their pharmacy and work towards growing it into a big brand with multiple chains. They can even work as a wholesaler.

The best part about entrepreneurship is that the student will be free to choose their working hours and field of work.

  1. Writing

The medical sector is consistent and has witnessed growth across numerous subdomains. In the world of internet and research, the demand for medical writers is a lot. Medical writers provide scientific documentation, write journals, articles for hospitals and everything else concerning medicines and drugs. It is a distinguished career option for students who incline writing, data, and analytical thinking.

As a medical writer, you can work across distinct roles including publishing, R&D, marketing and even corporate communication for a pharmaceutical company.

Scientific and medical writer role will allow you to report exciting records in the field of pharmacy and beyond.

  1. Higher Studies

B Pharma courses allow students to pursue higher students – right from masters to PhD and then pursue different career options.

Higher studies allow students to improve their working scope and venture into different areas. Even though medicine is still the background, higher studies allow students to extend their scope.

After finishing a Bachelor of Pharmacy, students can pursue higher studies in various fields, including:

  • Research and Development

Students can pursue post-graduation and then eventually work towards a PhD to work in research and development. As a research scientist, you will be working extensively with medicines – including finding cures and developing new ones. Research scientists focus on developing and leading the industry into a new era.

  • Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance is a pharmacological science in which students will study the side-effects of medicines on patients and their preventive measures. They will extensively test new medicines and chalk out findings that will help make medicines safer. Pharmacovigilance is highly technical and research-oriented and is amongst the best fields to pursue a career.

  1. Drug Inspector

There are career options in both the private and public sector, and drug inspector is one of them. B Pharma courses allow students to monitor quality, safety and utility of dugs across the entire value chain. It’s an exciting job profile that combines fieldwork and desk job into one and allows students to make a considerable mark in the society.

B Pharma courses have come to be one of the top career options for students from a medical background. However, there are certain things that students need to consider and choosing a university is the most important of them all. Universities like UPES offer an excellent pre-enrolment process for B Pharma courses. In this process, students can enrol in the B Pharma course before even appearing for 12th board exams. Furthermore, UPES is also India’s first and only university to be rated QS 5 Stars for employability.

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