Caught On Cam: 2 Tigers Clash Over Territory In Kanha Tiger Reserve

In one of the most amazing videos of 2020, 2 tigers were caught on cam clashing over territory in Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha Tiger Reserve.

The video shows the tigers blowing claws at each other as tourists were watching from a safe distance.

The incident happened in the Kanha Tiger Reserve, which is located in Madhya Pradesh.

The 2 tigers were seen slugging it out over territorial domination.

The video of the incident went viral right away after it was shared on Twitter.

The tigers in the video have been identified as T-67 and M-3.

The tigers were seen wandering in the Kisli and Sarhi zones of the reserve.

The paths of the tigers crossed on Thursday, which led to the amazing battle.

The clip shows the 2 tigers sizing each other up before exchanging blows with their massive claws.

Several tourists watched the fight from a safe distance.

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