Caught On Cam: Monkey Hitches Ride On A Bus India And Fellow Commuters Are Unbothered

An incredible moment was caught on cam in India when a monkey decided to hitch a ride on a bus in India after a number of transport companies started to resume their services.

The video was shot during the coronavirus pandemic.

The footage, which was captured in Kolkata, West Bengal, shows the creature calmly sitting next to a passenger on the bus.

Fellow commuters were unfazed with what they saw.

The monkey could be seen gripping to a seat tightly, looking towards passengers that were sitting near to him.

He then started to look at the road ahead.

During the video, which was reportedly captured on June 1, 2020, the monkey could be seen on a bus that left the Ekbalpur area of South Kolkata.

The bus was headed to Achipur, which took them around 2 hours.

The monkey can be seen looking around at the passengers on board the vehicle, before looking back to the windscreen of the bus, taking a glimpse of what’s coming ahead.

The passenger that sat next to the monkey, however, remained unfazed by the commuter.

In India, monkeys are not harmed because supporters of the Hindu religion believe that they are the living embodiment of Hanuman, a Hindu deity.

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