Ever Wondered Why Laptop and other Charging Cable Has a Small Cylinder?

we all watched different types of cables here and there, some bring power while some send signals .But have you ever wondered why there is a lump in between terminals of a charging cable… Don’t worry here you will know why.


What are these?

Cylinder shaped on charging cables are nothing but ferrite bead.

a special type of choke which is used to control high frequency noise or to suppresses high noises in electronic circuits.

The ferrite bead is used to prevent EMI (electromagnetic interference ) from a device to a device. It helps to reduce noise that means reduce radio frequency interference (RFI).

The main reason is to stop these signals from interfering with similar nearby devices.

Ferrite bead is made up of ceramic compound which contains mixed oxide of iron and other metals.


What is there use in charging cables?

These bead stopes the wire from acting as an antenna so that there’s no interference from similar or other electronic devices. The bead creates a filter on the wire to reduce or remove the high-frequency noise.

Usually this is covered in plastic or rubber to keep it safe.




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