Extremely Rare Photographs Show Newborn Baby Still Inside Amniotic Sac

Extremely rare images show a baby boy still tucked inside his amniotic sac.

Noah Valasco, the baby, was born en-caul, which means that the amniotic sac was still protecting him within his mother’s womb when the mother went in labor.

Usually, the sac would break and the water would drop-out from the genitals of the mother, which is also known as the “my water’s breaking”.

This type of birth is considered extremely rare and only happens once in 100,000 births.

In many cultures, this type of birth is a good sign, which many believe brings luck to the family and the baby.

The images were captured by photographer Jana Brasil, at the Praia da Costa Hospital in the city of Vila Velha, Brazil.

Talking about the images, Brasil said, “It’s indescribable to register that moment. Last year I took photos of babies in the sacs but nothing like the photo of Noah, it surprised me. I thought I had been through all the emotions, but he pulled a face and did a little pout.”

34-year-old Monyck Valasco, the mother of Baby Noah, talked about the birth of her baby boy.

Talking about the impact of the images, Monyck said, “People all around the world are re-posting the photos and looking for us. I saw him being born. They lowered the screen so I could see. I cried a lot. It’s an emotion that has no size.”

After baby Noah came out, the doctors had to pop the sac manually so they could free the baby boy from his small bubble.

For those who don’t know, this type of birth does not pose any threat to the child or the mother.

Rafael Angelo Baggieri, a Gynecologist, said, “An en-caul birth occurs when the baby is born without breaking the amniotic sac, in other words, within a little house which shelters it during gestation.”

Noah was discharged from the hospital and is living with his family in Brazil.

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