Fish Tank Explosion In A Coffee Shop Caught On Video

2 men who were enjoying in a Coffee Shop were unlucky after a fish tank that was behind them exploded, the incident was captured in the CCTV system of the shop. This happened in the Niksic City of Western Montenegro.

Luckily, no fish were harmed in the incident. According to an employee of Café Macka, the fish tank that exploded did not have any fish inside it.

Igor Vucurovic a staff member of the café shop said that “It was probably a factory mistake in the glass. The aquarium was new it had only been there for two days so we had no time to put fish in it. The men are not injured and luckily there were no children there. But the damage was huge, between 6,000 EUR (£5,130) and 7,000 EUR (£6,000). They will not give us a new aquarium or cover the damages because it seems it’s not their fault as they apparently purchased the glass somewhere else. We have no insurance. The damages were so high because the water ruined a lot of new stuff and unique furniture.”

Igor added that the aquarium was made for the coffee shop by a firm from Belgrade, a Capital city of Serbia.

Igor Vucurovic said that the café is now open, all It took the staff was hours of constant cleaning and mopping.

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