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The Father’s Day 2019 is a celebration that is celebrated to honor fathers, their fatherhood, bonds, and their influence in our society. The celebration is celebrated by more than 111 countries in the world, it was brought in by the Portuguese and the Spanish to Latin America. The day is celebrated on different dates in March, April, and June every year.

The day is also related to Siblings Day, Mother’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day.

You cannot neglect all the heroic things your father has done for you and his continuous effort to provide you will all the things that you need. He takes care of you just like your mother and spends his maximum time with his children.

In order to honor all the fathers in this world, AIR is bringing you all the best quality images you can find on the internet.

The day is celebrated to honor the strong spirit of all fathers and to commemorate all their efforts in our society.

Happy Father’s Day HD Images And Wallpapers For FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, And Twitter


The celebration could be traced back to the Middle Age when it was done with a customary day in the Catholic Part of Europe, the countries celebrated the Day on March 19.

The day was celebrated as the feast day of Saint Joseph, commonly known as the Fatherly Nutritor Domini or the “Nourisher of the Lord” in the Catholic Church, he is also the “Putative Father Of Jesus Christ” in the southern European Tradition.

The celebration was brought to America by Portuguese and Spanish People.

Happy Father’s Day 2019 HD Images And Wallpapers For Greeting Messages

Again, All India Roundup greets all fathers, Happy Fathers Day!! May God bless you.

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