Here’s how you can scrutinize an online course and choose which one is best for you

No one can dispute the fact that in the modern-day age, online learning has become one of the greatest sources to learn a skill in order to excel in their professional career. But before one opts for any online course, an important thing that should be asked is how good are the online courses? So, here are a few important points to scrutinize in any online course before you apply for it:

  • The students’ perspective: Before you choose an online course, you should consider what your perspective is. You should understand what skills you will be picking up by doing the course. Many suggest taking a course where the student has no basic training. So you must thoroughly scrutinize the course. Another option is to tell your colleagues about the course and tell them to review it. This will help you out with evaluating the course.


  • Course Artefacts, Martial and Feedback: The course which you are opting for definitely have artefacts and materials. Study them properly in order to understand what the course offers. You should also check out the reviews by the students who had already pursued the courses. The information they supply with their review is a very important part of the course assessment.


  • Interaction level: The interaction between students or between a student and a counsellor can also provide you with valuable data through which you can assess the potential of the course. The course which motivates the applicants and generates more interest in them in terms of the course structure will have more interaction in terms of interactive assignments the course offer.


  • Results: This is perhaps one of the most important objectives when it comes to scrutinizing an online course. When a course is able to generate enough interest from an applicant, there are enough chances that the student will fare well in terms of marks from the specific course and will eventually be hired because of the training of the course, whereas the student who isn’t that motivated will not be able to shine that far. So, with these perimeters, you can easily scrutinize an online course.

In case you don’t understand these things, you can also use the Rubric or any other tool of the same kind in order to understand the merit of the specific course. The Rubric is a program through which you can easily assess an online course. It has six domains through which you can assess any online course offered by any such provider.

Now, when you are done understanding the potential of the course and how can the course help you out in the longer term, it is now important to understand where you can apply for these courses and what are the online courses that are ideal for you. Well, fret not, because you can understand all these things with a single visit to the website of upGrad. upGrad is a platform which offers various courses to the students willing to take up online courses according to their abilities. There are three essential components that are offered at upGrad. They are as follows:

  • Data Science: Whether you are an amateur or a professional who is willing to take his/her career to the next step, you can choose the data science courses from upGrad. The courses will enable you to understand things such as Data Science, Machine Learning and many other things. You will also receive an extensive knowledge of the several aspects of data science such as Python, databases, SQL, data visualization, data analysis and machine learning. Equipped with open-source tools and international libraries, you will be able to cover all the grounds. Once you complete the course, you will be certified either by IIIT Bengaluru or BITS Pilani. With extensive projects and examples, the courses make sure that you are totally ready to step into the office environment and make the most of the opportunities you get as a professional.


  • Technology: A plethora of tech courses are offered by upGrad that includes Full-stack development, software developing through the blockchain, Blockchain technology, blockchain development, Project Management and Big Data entry, etc. With cutting-edge practical and theoretical learning coupled up with an ample number of case studies and examples, it will be very easy for you to understand and master the tech courses. You will be certified as an alumnus from reputed institutes such as IIIT Bengaluru, BITS Pilani, IMT and MICA. upGrad also makes sure that the students get the best placements through internships offered with the courses.


  • Management: Designed for working professionals, the management courses include top-notch courses such as blockchain technology management, executive MBA, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Strategic Digital Marketing etc. You will have enough experience, both practically and theoretically with the updated syllabus that includes free to use tools, international library access and multiple examples and projects in order to make a great impression on the recruiters. After you complete the course, you will be certified by reputed institutions such as Google, Facebook and IMT.


Most of these courses need just the basic educational qualification, such as a bachelors’ degree in the field. So, it is very easy to kick start your career as an industry professional after the completion of the course. upGrad also makes sure that all of its students are hired with their superior career assistance program. The timely doubt clearing sessions and mock interviews by the hiring managers give the students insight into the whole hiring process. Thanks to the tie-ups with more than 250 companies, the students are trained to become skilled professionals who would give their best performance as market employees. The companies who hire students graduated from upGrad includes companies such as Facebook, Google, Hewlett Packard, HCL, Zivame etc. upGrad also makes sure that the students have an impressive CV through their personal resume feedback process.

If you are thinking about the cost of these courses, then don’t worry. The courses from upGrad offer value for money. The kind of knowledge you get helps you to excel and in the field. Further, You also get the option to pay the course fee through EMI starting from a nominal amount. So what are you waiting for? Choose from the number of courses offered by upGrad and take your professional life to the next level.

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