How The Taliban Treats Their Women As Per The Sharia Law | Violence Against Women In Afghanistan

The world is going bizarre right now, the Taliban have fully taken over a democratic country and they are going to impose some of the most barbaric and ancient laws that the world has ever witnessed.

The thing is, this is not the first time that the Taliban has taken over the same country.

Before the US stepped in, the Taliban was responsible of running the country and they were known all over the world for their misogyny and violence against women.

Despite talking about peace and saying that women were safe in their country, the happenings on the ground were really different.

Under the strict Sharia Law, women are forced to wear the burqa at all times when they are in the public.

The reason behind this?

Well, the Taliban says that the face of a woman is a source of corruption for men that are not related to them.

Not only that, but women are not allowed to work, they are not allowed to go to school and they are only allowed to read and study the Qur’an.

They are also not allowed to enter mosques and are only advised to pray inside their houses, away from men. This practice is also heavily present in India, where women are only allowed to pray inside their houses and many thinking that if women crosses the path of a man while praying, their prayers are not heard by God.

Women and School under the Taliban rule

Women who wanted to learn and educate themselves were forced to attend schools that were called “underground”. In case they get caught, they would be beaten and in some cases, forced to marry men.

Women and Doctors under the Taliban rule

In case a woman is ill or is not feeling well, they are not allowed to be treated by a male doctor, however, if they are accompanied by a male chaperone, they can. But the thing is, that rarely happens, and women are usually left with untreated illnesses.

According to a report that was released in the early 2000s, women in Afghanistan only had an average life span of around 50 to 55 years old. Lack of health services for women are one of the many reasons behind this average age.

Women and forced marriage under the Taliban rule  

According to a report by Amnesty International, around 80 percent of marriages in Afghanistan happen in a forceful way.

It is also reported that the Taliban does not prohibit marriage under the age of 16. There are multiple cases in the country where girls, as young as 13, are forcefully married to fully grown men.

Policies for Women in Afghanistan

Here are some of the most bizarre policies that the Taliban currently has for women in the country:

  1. Girls are not allowed to be in direct contact with males
  2. Only husband or blood relatives are allowed to meet women
  3. Women should not appear in the streets without a blood relative
  4. Women should always wear a burqa when out in the streets
  5. Women should not wear high-heeled shoes
  6. Women should not speak loudly in public
  7. Houses should have their windows in the first-floor shut all the time because no one is allowed to see women
  8. Photographing women is not allowed
  9. Filming women is not allowed
  10. Displaying pictures of women is not allowed
  11. It’s not allowed to name things after women
  12. Women are not allowed to appear on the balconies of their houses
  13. Women are not allowed to be on radio
  14. Women are not allowed to be on live television
  15. Women are not allowed at public gatherings
Punishments Carried Out By Taliban On Women

Punishments are carried out in public in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule and this is carried out to bring fear amongst women in the country.

Here are some of the most bizarre punishments that have been carried out in the country of Afghanistan because some of their women tried to do things that were not accepted by the terrorists:

  1. In October of 1996, a woman had the tip of her thumb cut off because she was wearing nail polish.
  2. In December of 196, around 225 women in Kabul were seized and punished because they violated the sharia code of dress. They were beaten, lashed and tortured.
  3. In 1997, 5 women employees, who had authorisation from the Ministry of Interior to work, were forced to get out of their vehicle. They were then insulted and were punished with a metal and leather whip, which is usually around 5 feet in length.
  4. The Taliban threw a woman down a flight of stairs and imprisoned her because she was running a school in her apartment.
  5. Bibi Aisha had her ears and nose cut off because she flew her in-laws house considering tat they were abusers. When the Taliban and the family found her, she was punished and was left to die in the mountains, however, she survived.
  6. Working women were forced to quit their jobs.
  7. Hossai was killed for not complying what the Taliban said in July of 2010
  8. Sushmita Banerjee, an Indian author, was killed by the Taliban in 2013 because she married an Afghan businessman who was living in Afghanistan.
  9. In July this year, a woman from the Faryab province was beaten to death by the Taliban and her house was also set on fire for breaking the sharia law.
  10. In August this year, the Taliban killed a woman in the Balkh Province because she was wearing tight clothing and was not accompanied by any male relative
  11. In August this year, the Taliban killed a woman in the Takhar province because she did not have any head covering.

Please do keep in mind that these are just some of the many, many, many crimes that the Taliban have committed against women in their own country.

Women and Education under the Taliban rule

The Taliban claims a lot of things, however, they are known for ignoring every single thing about the things that they say.

The Taliban say that it is their duty in Islam to offer education to both boys and girls. However, there is a decree under their rule that girls are not allowed to learn anything once they become 8 years old and above.

Women and Work under the Taliban rule 

The female employment ban was heavily felt in Afghanistan.

According to reports, the ruling alone affected the lives of 106,256 girls, 148,223 male students, and around 8,000 female undergraduates.

Not only that, but 7793 female teachers were dismissed, which crippled the education system of the country and left 63 schools to shut down because there was no one there to teach the kids basic education.

Some women in the country ran underground schools for children despite knowing that they could get killed for their simple generous act.

Female Mobility Under Taliban Rule

Women are not allowed in Afghanistan to roam around freely.

Women have strict restrictions when it comes to movement, especially the ones that cannot buy a burqa.

Women who cannot buy a burqa are usually facing house arrests and are forced to live inside the four walls of their house. The saddest parts is that there are many women who face horrible difficulties when it comes to mobility, considering they need to have a man with them when they are out and they need to be fully covered.

A woman in Afghanistan recently went viral on social media because she was brutally beaten up by the Taliban as she was caught walking on the streets alone. The woman had no father, no husband, no brother, and even a son. She was constantly heard asking how was she supposed to live and how could she go out when there was no man inside their house.

One of the most horrifying events of mobility was when a field worker for Terre des hommes witnessed what happened at Taskia Maskan, the largest-state-run orphanage in Kabul.

Once women were banned from working, around 400 girls that were living in the orphanage house were locked inside the house without being allowed outside for recreation.

Here are some things that women are not allowed to do in Afghanistan:

  • Women cannot ride bicycles even with their husband
  • Women cannot ride motorcycles even with their husband
  • Women are not allowed to ride a taxi alone
  • Women are not allowed to travel inside a bus where men are present
Fall of Kabul 2021 

On August 31, 2021, the Taliban forces managed to fully overtake the entire capital city of Kabul in a peaceful way after the US soldiers started to withdraw themselves out, as per the instructions of President Joe Biden.

The fall was officially declared once it was reported that President Ashraf Ghani had fled the country of Afghanistan and went to a neighbouring country.

What’s ISIS Promising Under Their 2021 Rule?

Under the new rule of ISIS, they are promising a lot of things, which includes women roaming around in the country freely, allow them to work and women can go to school. However ,they have made it clear that they will only allow women to work in parameters within the sharia law, meaning, there will be a lot of limitations.

What Women Think About Taliban Rule  

Women in Afghanistan are certain and are fearful that they are going to experience what they once did under the same rule of Taliban in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the Taliban was ruling the country.

What Has Changed? 

Since overthrowing the current government, a number of changes have been noticed by people in the country.

Women are no longer roaming the streets of Afghanistan alone, they are wearing full body coverings, no one is working on the streets and pictures of women who are not wearing burqas are no longer available to look at.

Also, salons and establishments that are focused for women are no longer in service, if there are some, there are a number of restrictions that they have to face.

To support women in Afghanistan, you can share as many information that you can that highlights the harsh treatment of women in the country under the rule of the Taliban.

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