How To Activate And Deactivate Airtel Hello Tunes 2019 – Simple Steps With Numbers

Airtel Hello Tunes allows its users to use their favorite song that will entertain their callers while they wait for you to pick up the phone. With Airtel Hello Tunes, you can remove the old and boring default tune and set up your favorite song as a tune, and brag about it with your friends, they will surely ask for your help and do the same for them.

So how much does the Airtel Hello Tunes charge? Airtel charges Rs. 30 to Rs.36 for 30 days, rates vary from offers available for its users.

Here are the simple steps to activate and deactivate the Airtel Hello Tunes services:

How to Activate Airtel Hello Tunes Services:

Name Number
To select a song  Dial *678# on your phone and call
SMS  543215
Call  543211
Record a tune of your choice  57878
To Copy a Hello Tune Press *9 (for Airtel users only)
To copy Hello tune(other company) Call 543211
To select a Song via SMS  SET <songcode> to 543211
To select a song via Call  Call 543211- and song code

Here are the simple steps:

  1. If you want to subscribe the Airtel Hello Tunes Service, please call 543211
  2. If you already know the code of your selected song, send an SMS or Call 543211
  • If the code of your selected song is 1661807

Send an SMS that looks like this:

SET 1661807 and send it to 543211

  • If you want to do it via call

Call 543211 and add your song code

It should look like this 5432111661807

How to Deactivate the Airtel Hello Tunes Services:

Name Number
To Unsubscribe Airtel Hello Tunes Services Call  543211808
Or send an SMS  STOP to 543211

Here are the simple steps on how to deactivate the Airtel Hello Tunes Services:

  1. To Unsubscribe the Airtel Hello Tunes Services

If you want to end the services via Call, call 543211808

If you want to send SMS, send STOP to 543211

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