Hrithik Roshan To Marry Ex-Wife Sussanne Khan AGAIN?

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan were once known as one of the beautiful and powerful couples of Bollywood but the duo shocked many with the news of their separation. They had tied the knot on December 20, 2000, in a private ceremony in Bangalore, filed for separation in 2013 and got divorced in 2014 on amicable terms.

Hrithik and Sussanne

Unlike other ex-couples, Hrithik and Sussanne did not grow cold and distant after their separation, instead they stunned everyone with their friendship and strong bond even now. They have always remained cordial with each other, spending time with their sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

The couple with the children take off on vacations, going out on dinner dates, or even heading for the movie together as a family. From parties to film screenings to vacations, Hrithik and Sussanne are spotted together almost everywhere.


However, if the reports in a leading daily are believed, Hrithik is planning to get married to Sussanne yet again. The report quotes saying that both Hrithik and Sussanne want to start afresh and hence are contemplating to give each other another chance. Their sons well being is one of the agenda behind taking this decision.

The source also say, “Hrithik and Sussanne are working it out. They identified the stress areas in their relationship and are doing their best to work their way around them. Give them time – they will come together again.”

Although, a Roshan clan member quoted refuting the rumors in the same report. “They are done with one another, to even suggest that they can be a couple again is ridiculous. They’ve agreed to meet and spend time together for their children’s sake whenever they feel like it. Beyond their obligation as parents, both Hrithik and Sussanne have their own separate lives,” member told.

Hrithik and Sussanne with their sons

If true, this would be the biggest news of 2018.

Recently, during an interview, Hrithik had quashed rumors of infidelity being the reason for their separation. During a television interview, while speaking about the Kangana Ranaut controversy, Hrithik had also addressed his equation with Sussanne.

He had said, “Absolutely not. Sussanne has been very vocal about this. And I feel like laughing at people. When people get divorced, it is not always because of infidelity by the man. That is just such a small-minded assumption. I am just trying to say that there are many reasons why people would like to live separate lives. Infidelity is just one of them.”


Meanwhile, Sussanne too continues to support Hrithik in all his endeavors. During the infamous Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik controversy, Sussanne had come forward to support her ex-husband, much to his relief.

Do you think the couple will reunite and give their relationship another try? Share your views with us in the comments’ section below.

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