Husband Throws Wife Off Their Balcony After Finding Out She Was Happy With The Death Of His Mum  

Police Report: A man from western Maharashtra killed his wife after he threw her out their balcony, the husband reportedly found out that his wife was happy with the death of his mother.

Preliminary investigations showed that 35-year-old Shubhangi Lokhande, the wife of Sandeep Lokhande decided to end her life after finding out the death of her 70-year-old mother-in-law Malati Lokhande.

But after further investigation, it showed that she was killed by Sandeep Lokhande, her husband after finding out that she was happy by the death of her mother-in-law.

The police said that Sandeep Lokhande tossed her out of their balcony on Saturday, they lived in the suburb Apatenagar. Sandeel Lokhande was arrested by the police, he also confessed the crime to them.

The local media said that Shubhangi Lokhande committed suicide after her mother-in-law passed away. But the police officials at the Juna Rajwada Police Station launched a probe to investigate the case.

A police official said: “During the investigation, Sandeep said his wife was happy with the death of his mother and therefore in a fit of rage he killed her.”

The police added: “After the ailing Malati died Saturday morning, Shubhangi became happy. She couldn’t hide her feelings. Sandeep was enraged by this behavior of his wife and killed her the same day.”

The police said that Sandeep and Shubhangi have 2 kids who are now living with the parents of Sandeep.

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