Everything You Can Know About A Car If You Know The Meaning Behind Lxi, Zxi, LDi, ZDi Displayed On Back Of The Car

There are various minute details on our automobiles which we often fail to notice, out of many such things the three or two lettered acronyms on the right edge of the car’s back hold many details of the machine.

Usually, different companies, as well as different cars, have different monikers for their trim-levels. Different trim levels are often acknowledged in Maruti Suzuki vehicles, where trim refers to the items that can be added to the interior and exterior of the automobile to increase its appeal.

Breaking down the details, XI – Petrol car
DI – Diesel car
L – Base model
V – Full option model
Z – Added features model

The most common terms XI denotes petrol engine, LXI is for lower variant cars, VXI includes basic features like AC, power steering, and ZXI includes all the high-end features like ABS, Airbags, music player etc.

As DI denotes Diesel engine, Ldi- lower variant ( no airbags or only 1 airbag, no abs etc), Vdi – standard variant (might include abs+ airbags), Zdi- top variant- ( rear AC control sensor, and many exclusive features)

meaning behind zxi, lxi ,zdi on car back

On very rare occasions, Vdi or Vxi models are sold more than Lxi or Zxi, former because of lack of some essential features and later because of hike in price.

Now when it comes to Honda, the terms will be like this: EMT, SMT, SVMT, VMT, VXMT, SAT, VAT, SCVT, VCVT etc

Where, E, S, SV, V, VX are the variants and AT means the Automatic Transmission and CVT means Continuous Variable Transmission. so if a model says VCVT that means that the variant is V and it has a CVT transmission in it.

In Honda cars, petrol and diesel are identified by the separate markings iVTEC and iDTEC respectively.

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