Man Left Heartbroken After Visiting Zoo In Nigeria Where Animals Are Neglected And Are Starving To Death

A man was left heartbroken after he visited the Gamji Gate Zoo in Nigeria, where animals are being neglected and are starving to death.

The lion that is living there is slowly starving to death and dozens of other animals are neglected.

The situation was discovered by a man, who visited the Gamji Gate Zoo, which is located in Kaduna, Nigeria.

The man reportedly paid $1 as an entry fee to enter the zoo, which is owned by the state.

Upon entering, he saw an extremely thin lion, who had been locked up in a cement age and looked like it was about to die.

During an interview with the press, the man talked about what he saw and said:

The first moment I saw the animal I felt shock,” the man, who wishes to remain unnamed. I was so surprised. I felt so nervous and uneasy because it was my first time seeing a lion live. Like this is my first time in a zoo. I virtually saw them in movies, news and magazines. Actually, most of the animals in the zoo are not well-fed. They lack proper treatment or let me say malnutrition.

The man recorded the things that he saw and contacted the WildatLife.e.V.

They rescued the lion.

The images and videos that he took showed the lion having a very thin body. His ribs could be seen right away.

The lion, which is named Zaki, is currently in a critical condition.

The WildatLife.e.V is working alongside the Nigerian Association of Zoological parks to help Zaki get well.

Authorities have launched an investigation to the matter.

A spokesperson for the authorities released a statement about the incident, where they said:

The vet was sent and gave medical assistance to the lion but he will require further treatment which NGO WildatLife will pay for. We are awaiting the full vet diagnosis and report into how and why this has been allowed to happen. Zaki is now receiving medical care and it will be an ongoing case. If Zaki survives this ordeal, our NGO has offered to relocate him to a sanctuary that will see him thrive. But in his now critical condition, it is not viable to relocate him, we must work closely with the Nigerian officials to have this matter dealt with internally. We must prevent suffering in zoos around the wild that holds wildlife captive for profit.

Zaki is not the only one in the zoo that is neglected.

The NGO said that other animals in the zoo are in poor health and are malnourished too!

The NGO said that conditions and encolsures of the zoo are unsuitable to live in for animals.

Let’s hope the lion recovers and lives the rest of its days happy and healthy.

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