Watch Video: Mother Murder Prank On Daughter Went Wrong, See What Happened Next!

Had you ever been pranked or had you ever prank anyone? Though many of the pranks seem to be funny, but some of them seems serious and those pranks could lead to any extent. One such prank was done in a family in which a mother, a son and a daughter were involved.

This is a Mother Murder Prank. It sounds shocking. Right?

Murder prank

In this video, a YouTube channel ‘Nothing As Such’ member is the son and along with his mother, he is going to prank his sister.

The person as son says ‘Me and my mother pretends to be dead at the home just to see what my Akka would react. Let’s see what happens when my sister comes home.’ What happened next is unbelievable that has gone wrong.

Watch The Video Here:

This is what happens when you try to prank taking such serious aspects. Please have fun that has limits.

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