Mukesh Ambani Never Carries Cash Or Credit Card With Him, Here’s The Reason

Earning more than Rs 11,000 crores per day, Mukesh Ambani is currently the richest man in India and his home, Antilia, which is located in Mumbai, is the second most expensive house in the world, worth 11000 crores. Every kind of comfort is available in this house. This house has a swimming pool, a temple, a cinema house, a gym, a helipad for landing helicopters, all these things are available.

mukesh ambani pocket money

According to the sources, Ambani pays his servants more than Rs 24 lakhs PA, allowances aren’t included. And, almost 600 people are employed in his household, everybody is handsomely paid. Meanwhile, he gives Rs 20 Lakhs to each of his sons, as the pocket money. Moreover, his eldest son and only daughter are into business, and we can’t expect him giving any pocket money to them. The story is otherwise with Anant Ambani, it seems like he is one who will be paid.

Coming to the expenses in daily life, we people always end up choosing our comfortable ways to pay our bills, sometimes it is through some mobile wallets, through cash and there are times when we prefer credit or debit cards depending on the situation.

mukesh ambani paying bills

We might wonder how does Mukesh Ambani pay his daily needs. Imagine him going to some fancy restaurant with his family or kin people. Now, what about paying bills at the end of dinner? Well, we have this doubt whether Ambani pins money in his pockets or carries some debit or credit cards, well, it isn’t anything like we have expected.

In a recent event, Ambani said that he never carries cash or credit card with him while going out. The reason is he always has someone around him to pay his bill. It is quite strange to know that Ambani does not carry any cash with him, he said that money has never meant so much to him.

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