Realme U1 is in everyone’s Mouth; do professional photographs with the selfie expert

What constitutes a quality phone is a right blend of hardware and software. Most smartphone designers and manufacturers give a smart package which is pocket-friendly. They use the standard materials in the hardware design then they round it up with a camera which just does the job. However, Realme has something different and special not like other smartphones you will meet in the market. This young company does the best to meet the customers’ expectations. With every new handset model they release, they must include a unique feature which distinguishes it from the rest.

You will get every phone for each category and interest. The C category has Realme C1 providing all the functionalities in the beginners level. The Realme series offers the best for less while the Pro series, also known as the flagship for the youth, features smartphones such as Realme 2 Pro with unbeatable features.

Now with the introduction of the U series, Realme is determined to change the game. The best phone for your indoor functions as well as the outdoors such as hiking has finally arrived. Walk with this first-ever selfie phone which uses AI master Media Tek Helio P70 processor. The Realme U1 takes photography to another level.

The smartphone is of two types; the first one goes for INR 11,999 and has 3 GB RAM and ROM of 32 GB while the last category has RAM of 4 GB and 64 GB ROM with a market price of INR 14,499. You can choose the colors from Fiery Gold, Brave Blue, and Ambitious Black. This smartphone is designed to meet the expectations of the Indian selfie lovers. It has an AI 25 MP camera mounted on the front and Sony IMX 576 flagship sensor. Its 6.3-inch full HD and Dewdrop screen to make picture viewing a fantastic experience.

Its closest competitor is the Redmi Note 6 Pro which also has a quality camera. Drawing a comparison between the two handsets, we found the following:

Front/Selfie Cameras

Nicknamed as “Indian’s Selfie Pro” the Realme U1 is designed with an AI 25 MP selfie Pro front camera which is powered by the technology of SONY’s IMX576 light sensor which has strong imaging ability. It has higher computing capacity and image processing speeds and enables users to enjoy selfie moments on its Helio P70 processor.

On the other hand, Note 6 Pro is equipped with a 20 MP front camera supported by a 2 MP depth sensor.

Realme U1

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This camera phone is designed specifically to display the various Indian skin tones. It captures clear details of the eye and hair with the help of its 296 facial identification focusing points. The phone has the right filters which you can use to add beauty without introducing unnecessary coloring, slimming or tempering.

Redmi Note 6 Pro

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Realme U1 beats it in the picture quality. Beautification leads to color distortion and the overall result is a faint or faded photo.

Rear/Back Cameras

Realme U1 has 13 MP and 2 MP dual rear camera. The 13MP primary camera is purposely for focusing the objects and capturing the exact details while the secondary 2 MP camera is for handling the depth of the field as well as the bokeh effects just for fun. The rear camera also supports the 90fps/720P slow-motion video capturing to ensure that the life moments which happen in a flash are slowed down to create more fun.

The Redmi Note 6 Pro comes equipped with 12 MP and 5MP rear camera with the secondary camera used for depth sensing. This camera protrudes out and this makes it unpopular among people who don’t like this feature as they are forced to use either the phone cover or an external case.

See the sample images below:

Realme U1

Beautiful pictures of good quality and looks more realistic.

The portrait mode as depicted in the picture below hides the background and only keeps the object of interest on focus.

Realme U1 captures all the fine details and produces the exact color even in low light situations.

Redmi Note 6 Pro

Produces fairly good images in natural light, however, the colors are somehow saturated.

Display the same characteristic in the portrait mode

There is a distinction in color reproduction when it comes to low light.


Redmi Note 6 Pro

Produces fairly good images in natural light, however, the colors are somehow saturated.


Xiaomi has implemented the tried and tested design and Redmi Note 6 Pro replicated the very design. This handset nearly resembles its predecessors such as the Note 5. It also has the abused design of a rectangular notch at the front. There is nothing spectacular in the Redmi in terms of the design.

The Realme introduced the light pillars in the design and let go the old solid color. This appeals to the youth. With also a 6.3-inch, the U1 series is one of the kind having 90.8% screen-body ratio and 19.5:9 screen ratio. The back panel is made of a beautiful material which hard and durable. It is constructed from a multilayer of 13 different layers which are bonded at the atomic level.

The back panel simulates the transparency and reflection characteristic of the glass. It is made of a transparent acrylic composite which is similar to the real glass but strong and durable and is anti-shattering. The entire structure of the phone is light and gives a better hand experience. The 2.5D edges are designed to be smooth and are appealing visually. The phone is tender and feels comfortable when held in the hand as the bezel was made through accurate injection and molding process.

The Realme U1 has 6.3-inch Dewdrop FHD screen which has a front camera and other useful sensors and receiver. The design is to maximize the sound transmission and enhance performance as well as creating the visual impact.

Battery and Processor

The Realme U1 comes bundled with Helio P70 processor which makes use of the latest 12nm FinFET production technology as opposed to the 14 nm class processors which consume more power. Due to the reduced processor size, the power consumption has reduced by 15%. The P70 is an octa-core processor that has four Cortex-A73 performance enhancing cores and Cortex-A53 very efficient cores. In total, the phone operates at a maximum clock speed of 2.1GHz. The P70 also has a 900MHz Mali-G72 MP3 GPU which makes it perform 13% better than the old P60. You can enjoy a lag-free gaming experience regardless of the game you play.

The Helio p70 performs much better than the Snapdragon 636 that is found in the Redmi Note 6 Pro. A test known as the Antutu benchmark test showed that Reame U1 outperformed the Redmi Note 6 by scoring 145021 while the latter scored 115611. Helio P70 renders a better performance and does not suffer the heating effect even if used for many hours. The GPU in Helio P70 is also the best.

Realme U1 is powered by a 3,500 mAh battery, the same capacity as the one powering Redmi Note 6 Pro. It charges on a regular 5V 2A which is capable of restoring up to 30% of a depleted battery in just 30 minutes. This is far much faster than what any of its calibers can achieve.

Though Realme battery has a smaller capacity as compared to the Redmi’s 4,000 mAh battery but performance and charging time is the same on average. Reame U1’s battery emerged the best in a 93-hour test the two were subjected to. It leads in the video playback time, call time, web surfing time, and standby time.


The Realme U1 is operating on Android Oreo-based operating system which is easy to use and very interactive. Among other many functionalities, Realme U1 supports split-screen multitasking and gesture navigation.  It also has a smart scan feature which lets users transcribe a handwritten text into an editable text. It supports a number of different languages including English, Spanish, French, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Hindi.

Redmi Note 6 Pro runs MIUI 10 android system which has been criticized for displaying nuisance ads within the main display.

Final Verdict

It is clear that Realme U1 beats Redmi Note 6 Pro in all the aspects described in this piece. It stands out in all features ranging from the attractive design language to cameras and software. Realme U1 meets the youths’ expectations.

The official product will be available for purchase from Amazon beginning 5th December at 12.00. Only the Ambitious Black and Brave Blue colors will be available while the Fiery Gold version will come somewhere next year January. Realme also deals in accessories such as earphones, buds, and cases, all of which will be available from next year January.

Check the phone’s availability from the information given below.

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