‘Do You Swipe Left? Right?’ The Way You Swipe The Mobile Screen Tells A Lot About Your Innerself

Two different persons cannot do things differently at any time. Even the mentalities of twins vary, now, in this world of typically unique people, how difficult is it to understand a person?

And the answer is “Probably a far more than we assume or analyse.”

In general, how we always mingle up with people is, finding the ones who likes the movies which we love, the ones who eat what we love to eat, that’s the way we, in general, make friends.

This is the ideology hidden behind finding the similar ones, understanding the people if they’re our kind or not.

Let us assume that a gang of friends went to watch a movie and a song is played, jazz in the background and the amusing landscapes behind the cast. In this case, someone in the gang focuses on the background number, another on the landscapes and the rest might focus on the costumes of the cast.

The verdict is, different people, do things differently, though the kind of work they do might be the same.

Let us analyse the situation with the most basic activity with which we start our day with.

Yes! mobile phone. According to the sources from experts, it is believed that the way we use our handsets define a lot of things about us, especially, the direction we swipe it on.

1) Swipe Left:

This is quite common and it means that you’re a hard working individual that does best when it comes to business matters, and you have a great sense of humour.

2) Swipe Up:

Swiping down states that you’re considered being a well-liked person in your circle of friends. This comes with the side effect of random mood swings.

3) Swipe Down:

If you do this, then this is a sign that you’re one of the best team players out there, and you’re not scared at expressing your opinion towards some of the big issues out there.

4) Swipe Right:

This kind of swipe indicates that you’re a creative individual, but you tend to keep to yourself most of the time.

5) Both Hands:

Meanwhile, this is one of the rarest forms of swiping, using both hands means that you’re trying to get things done in a quick manner and have all of your priorities in check.

6) With Index Finger:

It is mainly used to point at things and pick noses, but some individuals actually use it to swipe at their phones. Those who do are known to be very focused on their craft and check their work several times before handing it to someone.

7)  The Middle Finger:

This finger is mostly used to tell that bad driver to have a good day. The surprising thing is that people using this finger to swipe, tend not to relax like others.

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