These 10 New Year’s Resolutions Can Save Your Family in 2019

family resolutions new year
2019 is here: Make some New Year resolutions for the family. (Source: Getty Images)

The New Year’s Day is the best time for you and your family to make resolutions. Apart from setting your own targets, it is also key to consider family resolutions which will bond you together and give you a successful 2019. Here are some family resolutions that you can add to your list for the New Year:

1. Having as many vacations as possible

Vacations are not only meant for relaxation but also to acquaint you with the soci0—cultural fabric of that particular place you are visiting. Beginning this year, set aside some time out of your tight schedule and take your family on vacations. Let your children participate in the planning process and allow them even to suggest some of their favourite places. It is time for family adventure and bonding.

2. Routine family activities probably once a week

Conducting some family activities strengthens the family bonds. Weekly activities can take any form including games, visits to the neighbourhood, and even watching movies together. This will see you spend much time as a family and happiness will reign.


family activities
Plan for some family activities. (Source: Getty Images)

3. Exercise together

This is a new error where the risks of being obese or attacked by other chronic diseases such as diabetes are on the verge. Experts advise that regular exercise is the only way to live a healthy life. Beginning this year, make a routine to exercise together as a family. You can involve in walking in the park or doing yoga. This will be a great source of motivation for your children to live a healthy lifestyle.

4. Eat a healthy diet together

Apart from the regular physical exercises, a family should also take a healthy diet. Try as much as possible not to include much of junk foods on your diet in 2019. Include more fruits and vegetables in your everyday meals and encourage other family members to follow the suit. Also, arrange for a joint meal as a family at least once a day.


healthy diet family
Plan to take a healthy diet. (Source: Getty Images)


5. Help the less unfortunate in the society

Teach your children to develop the spirit of kindness in their heart by giving donations to the less fortunate as a family. Parents should be good role models for their children. You can give out clothes that you no longer use, pens, books, or any other item that can be useful to someone else.

6. Create a list of books to read together as a family

If your children have not developed the habit of reading books, then take it upon yourself this year to recommend a few books to read together. Buy them some of the latest hilarious children books and keep encouraging them to read the books. You can also take them to one of the book fairs near you and register them in reading workshops.

7. Take good care of yourself

As a parent, you also need to have your personal time. Take a minute out of your busy schedule to do things that you love most. You can only be a good parent if you take good care of yourself as well as the family.

8. Have a joint conversation

Many people get carried away in doing family responsibilities that they get little or no time to talk together as a family. It is healthy to spare some time and talk to each other. Hold family discussions and let everyone feel free to share their thoughts. Pay attention to what everyone says and take appropriate actions. Take nothing for granted.

9. Savings

Financial security is a vital factor to consider in a family. Take it upon yourself to manage all the family funds appropriately in 2019. Do more savings to cater for the future family needs. Save for your kids and let the children also have the spirit of saving.

10. Spend less time on gadgets as possible

Technology is taking over in this new era. Some parents spend almost all their time on these technological appliances neglecting the family time. In 2019, pledge not to spend much time with your phone, laptop, or any other gadget. Find time to engage your family and spend with them as much time as possible.

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