22 Simple Things That You Might Be Doing Wrong Everyday

Can you imagine that there are few things which you’re doing every day and maybe whole life in the wrong way? You’ve already made those as habits that they seem totally normal the way you’re doing them. But no, if you know how to do stuff the right way instead of your habitual way, your life will change!

Here are 22 things that we have been doing completely wrong all along. You’ll soon realize after going through this article that there are many things you’ve been doing wrong without knowing.

1. Choosing foundation

When choosing foundation, you usually test its color on your face or wrist. But, the right way to test its color is on your neck.

2. Holding a burger

Ever wondered why a delicious burger always ends up like a mess in the end? That’s because we don’t hold it properly. The correct way to hold the burger is -the two thumbs and the two little fingers should rest under the burger to support it, while the other fingers should be on top to get a proper grip. Of course, there are some cases when the burger is just too big to hold properly. In those situations, it is advisable to cut it in two halves.

3. Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth

A long, long time ago, your dental hygienist probably showed you how you’re supposed to brush your teeth. But are you still doing it right? You’re supposed to use only a dab of toothpaste, and you’re not supposed to rinse your mouth with water afterward.

4. Conditioning your hair

You might be in the habit of applying conditioner to all of your hair, but this can actually have a negative effect instead of a positive one. Instead, focus on your roots first. This is the area that requires the most moisture and attention.

5. Wearing your earphones

The correct way to wear your earphones is – Taking it around the ear before stuffing it in the ear. Not only will it be more comfortable to wear, it will also make sure it doesn’t slip out.

No wonder they kept falling out this entire time.

6. Holding a wine glass

The right place to hold is at the stem of the glass. If you hold the base of the drink, you risk making it warm.

7. Wearing bobby pins

We have been using bobby pins the wrong way. When you use bobby pins, you’re supposed to put the wavy side against your hair — this will help you fix your hair much more easily.

8. Eating a pizza

That’s right, by bending both the corners inwards we can make sure the toppings don’t fall off the slice. Try now, thank later.

9. Holding a pen

10. Squatting

As shown in the image on the right, the final step of squats requires our thighs to be absolutely parallel to the ground. Doing it the wrong way will not only not help you achieve the desired results, but can also injure your back.

11. Applying a moisturizer

Contrary to popular belief, we should just gently tap the moisturizer on our skin instead of be rubbing it. This way, our skin will be able to retain the much-needed moisture for a longer time.

12. Tying shoelaces


Like they show in the image above, tying your shoelaces horizontally ties the knot better. While shoelaces tied vertically can end up opening time and again.

13. Breathing

We’re breathing all wrong. The proper way of breathing is to breathe from your abdomen, not from your chest. Breathing from your chest area will result in shallow breaths and less oxygen intake.

14. Cleaning your blender

If you want to clean your blender, you shouldn’t scrub it. Instead, use dish soap and water and simply blend before rinsing.

15. Dispensing a Tic-tac

The next time you eat tic-tacs, simply flip the container on its side and open the tab. It’s designed to present you with one mint at a time.

16. Using Your Keyboard’s Feet

You know those little feet that extend out the back of your desktop keyboard? Contrary to popular belief, they’re not there for ergonomics, and having them extended can actually negatively affect you—depending on how you type.

17. Push-ups

Not doing push-ups correctly can have adverse effects on your body including ruptured muscles. Always make sure you don’t arch you back, and always keep it straight, and your arms, parallel to the ground.

18. Sleeping

Twisting up like a pretzel might be your usual habit. But you’re ruining your back! For maximum rest and support, try these pro sleep moves

19. Applying Nail Polish

Randomly polishing your nail doesn’t make your nails look prettier. Try this.

20. Earrings

Yes! All these years of flaunting the prettiest earrings, but did you ever realize that you are actually supposed to take the plastic part off?

21. Pooping the wrong way

Unless you’re still using the old-school Indian style bathrooms. If you’re using the western toilets, it’s most likely that you aren’t doing your business in the proper manner, because our bodies are created in such way that makes it more natural for it to squat while we poop, rather than to sit.

22. Usage of plungers

You’re supposed to use a flange plunger for your toilet and a cup plunger for your sink. Most of us simply use one for both – hopefully with a good wash in between.

Because life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

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