Watch: This Man Cuts Wood With A Piece Of Paper Which Is Impossible

The world around us couldn’t get any better. We can’t even ask more creative. There are few people on the earth who make impossible things as possible. Do you know how much thin a paper is? It’s hard to measure, right? Here is a video in which an impossible thing is shown possible.

Had you ever thought of cutting wood with a paper? You think the question is wrong.

But I have asked the right question. Did you see cutting wood with the help of a paper? You won’t believe. Isn’t it?

Cutting paper with a paper

In the video below, a man took a piece of paper; he cut it into the shape of a circle and fixed it into the wood cutting machine. He replaced the thin blade with the paper. The paper now becomes the new blade to cut.

He tightened a screw around its middle and proceeded to place a wooden slate with a narrow slit over the paper. The machine started rotating and he brought another paper to cut. He then brought a cardboard piece and cut it with the help of the rotating paper.

Watch The Video Here:

Though it seems unbelievable, it did work. This could be a nice hack to cut cardboard pieces at times. Thus, the man in the video proved an impossible thing as possible.

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