This Man Drank 10 Cokes A Day For A Month And The Results Are Absurd

We all know that junk foods are not preferable in terms of any kinds of major lunch or dinner. Despite the verbal suggestions, it is easy to convince people in a practical manner. The live proof has its own value and it concretes when a human experiments himself with such food. Among the plethora of junk foods and beverages, Coke is one of such universal drinks which raise some serious questions about the effects it would have on our health.

man drinks 10 cokes everyday for month george

The answers to these many unique kinds of questions are coming out with the youtube channels where people share their experiences as videos. We all know the popular documentary ‘Super Size Me’ in which the director underwent an experiment, eating only McDonald’s food for one month. You can imagine the disastrous consequences on his health.

American George Prior decided to conduct a similar experiment. But with the most famous drink in the world: the Coca-Cola and as expected, the results were devastating. He went posting videos of the same from time to time.

man drinks 10 cokes everyday for month

The result was slow but steady. And just as the time is passing, he started losing weight gradually.

Started on the day one at 76 kgs.

george drinking cokes

And, the effects were there, here’s the proof.

george drinking cokes 2


george drinking cokes 3

And on the judgment day! He ended up gearing up for the fat morose and absolutely unhealthy looks standing at the trademark 86 Kgs, which indicates that he gained over 10 Kgs within a month.

george drinking cokes 4

Well, if you wish to have a glance at his before and after look, here’s the visual phenomenon.

george after drinking 10 cokes everyday

Showing concern to the fellow people who love cokes and other junk foods, George went saying, “I wanted to remind everyone that what we drink affects our health”.

Watch the video here:

Check out the following pic just to know the amount of sugar present in the daily foods you consume. The sugar level plays a major role in the hygiene.

sugar in coke can

We are very much aware of the fact that the pounding action of marketing and our difficulty in modifying eating habits make us lose sight of an important truth: some foods that we consider harmless or just slightly harmful are in fact a real health attack. And, this experiment is the live-valid proof of everything we need to know.

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