Tips for Hiring for Senior Positions

Each employee has a unique role in your company which is why you must ensure that you hire only the best. When recruiting for senior positions, the amount of effort and responsibility involved increases. No chances can be taken with respect to the competence and ability of the candidate. Since not a lot of employers have the right connections, a shortage of right candidates is often felt. Make the use of a staffing agency with the following tips in mind.


  • Highlight benefits and perks on the JD

Use a Needs-Supplies approach that highlights what the company can do for the employee. More applicants respond to this, as compared to a Demands-Abilities approach, where the focus is on what the company expects. A staffing agency takes good care of this. Since your targeted candidates are the ones already holding top positions in other companies (usually your competitors), attracting them to your company is the goal.


  • Encourage two-way communication

Let the candidate ask questions and make sure you give honest answers. Always give the true picture of your work environment. Make use of a staffing agency which understands that competence is not the only quality to look for – emotional intelligence, motivation, etc. are also equally important. Also, keep the interview process streamlined and value the candidate’s time.


  • Be quick and efficient

Do not keep the candidate waiting  for a long time. When talented professionals make themselves available on the market, they don’t stay there for long since multiple employers are after them. Move very quickly from one candidate to another so you can finish more interviews in less time, and seal the deal before someone else does. Again, it is ideal to turn to a staffing agency because they are experts at retaining candidates.


  • Know what the candidate expects

If you already know what pay package and benefits the candidate demands, you end up making the perfect offer and eliminate any risk of the candidate backing out at the last moment. Using a staffing agency is recommended again because it serves as a channel for negotiations as well. The needs of the candidate and the offer made by your company should complement each other and be a perfect match.

It’s no secret that the recruitment of top-level professionals can be tougher than usual. The above tips are some of the best practices that can reduce your struggle. Staffing agencies like Randstad India Private Limited and ABC Consultants sticks to these guidelines and ensures that you get the best candidate – no conditions applied!


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