Ugadi Pachadi Recipe Ingredients – How To Make/ Prepare Ugadi Pachadi With 6 Tastes

Ugadi… which means the beginning of new year, The new year day for the people who follow lunar based Hindu calendar, Many cultures around India celebrates this day as a festival, Mainly Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Sindh people celebrate this as one of the main festivals. Especially Telugu people celebrate this festival with eating specially made Ugadi Pachadi which resembles many facets of our life. Ugadi Pachadi is made of ingredients which has all the six tastes of sweet, salty, bitter, tangy, spicy and sour. Let’s have a look at the process to make Ugadi Pachadi.

Ugadi Pachadi

The main ingredient to make Ugadi Pachadi is Neem Flowers, Neem trees start to blossom in the month of March, Ugadi Pachadi is made with these tiny flowers of Neem Tree.  Let’s learn how to make Ugadi Pachadi. This Ugadi pachadi is a very healthy food as well which can help our health.

Ingredients Needed:

Neem Flowers




Green Chilly

Raw Mango.

Ugadi Pachadi Ingredients

Preparing Ugadi Pachadi:

  • First Soak the tamarind for 1/2 hour in water.
  • Later make tamarind juice out of soaked tamarind.
  • Mix Jaggery Into the Tamarind Juice.
  • Add 2,3 tablespoons of Neem Flowers.
  • Add 1/4th Tablespoon salt.
  • Add Raw Mango Slices.
  • Cut 1 chilly into small pieces and add it to the mixture.
  • Add any fruits according to your taste like Banana, Apple, Grapes or even sugar cane slices.
  • Add some honey and ghee in the end.
  • Mix it well till everything is mixed well.

How To make Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi Pachadi Significance:

Ugadi Pachadi is made of ingredients which gives Six tastes called Shadruchulu, Ugadi Pachadi contains all the six tastes of sweet, salty, bitter, tangy, spicy and sour which resembles human life. Ugadi Pachadi is also a very healthy food to take. The bitterness of neem flowers will kill all sorts of bad bacteria in our stomach. We normally never eat any bitter food items, But at least once in a year thanks to this Ugadi Pachadi we are tasting bitter as well. So this is the process of making Ugadi Pachadi, Ask us in comments if you have any doubts regarding this.

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