Video of Tamil Nadu cop daring protesters to attack bus during Kerala hartal goes viral


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The police officer is earning a lot of praise for stopping the protesters single-handedly.

For the past few days, hundreds of buses have been vandalized and attacked by protesters In Kerala, these buses belong to the KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation). Everything happened in the city of Kaliyikkavila, this city is located near Parassala and is on the Southern Border of Kerala.

The protests started when two women in their early 40s entered the Sabarimala Temple to offer prayers, the protesters said that the two women broke the traditions of the temple. Those two women were the first to enter the Sabarimala Temple after the Supreme Court allowed women regarding their ages to enter the shrine.

In the middle of battles with the protesters and the police, a Tamil Nadu Cop became viral when he stepped up alone and started to yell on a group of protesters who were trying to block a bus that belonged to the KSRTC.

The video featured a police officer telling the protesters to step away from the State Transport Vehicle.

You can hear what the officer said in the video. He said: “if you are a man come touch the vehicle” while pointing a finger to the protesters.

The officer has not been named yet and it is still to be known from which police station he belongs to. The officer got a lot of praises around the social media, many said he did what he needed to do at that moment.

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