Stop Your Children From Playing Near This Dangerous Common Plant

All the garden lovers over there, this is for you. Before making gardening a habit, you need to consult a perfectionist with all knowledge about indoor plants. They will let you know the pros and cons of those plants that you wish to make a part of your garden. Gardening is not just growing plants, but there is something more than that. There are some plants which are very helpful for us and some are not. So here comes the point of which plants you choose to decorate your garden.

You may not include all the useful plants, but at least you need to take care not to put the dangerous ones around. Here is the plant that is harmful to your children which sometimes leads to death.

Dieffenbachia is the among the dangerous plants.

Dieffenbachia is the among the dangerous plants

The sharp tips of these leaves have needle-shaped calcium oxalate Crystals.


These crystals make the plant very poisonous. This plant is seen in almost many gardens, so be careful.


That is the reason why this plant should be avoided from your garden.


Stop your children to play around this plant. As it is poisonous, it may harm your child. So, be very couscous if you have this in your garden as it may also cause death sometimes.

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