What is a VPN and Why Do You Need It?

With the rapid expansion of Internet technology, keeping your online profile confidential is becoming more and more important. Sometimes you won’t even be able to tell when and how your data was stolen. A great and easy way to keep your personal information safe is to use a good VPN service.

Let’s have a closer look at what is a VPN and how it can help you protect your data.

What is a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, is a secure tunnel created between two or more devices over a less secure network. It allows you to surf the web privately, access geo-restricted content and do pretty much anything you want while staying 100% secure.

How does it work? When you are connecting to the Internet in a regular way, all the traffic passes through the servers owned by your ISP. This means they can see everything that you are doing online. When you use a VPN, it encrypts all your traffic, and routes it via a different server of your choice, thus making the traffic unreadable even for your provider.

What are the Benefits of Using a VPN?

There are numerous benefits if investing in a good VPN. Here we are going to describe the most significant ones that will dramatically improve your online experience.


Enjoy safe online browsing and 100% protection from hackers and cybercriminals. No need to worry that your data can be compromised or stolen even if you are surfing on a public Wi-Fi. Just turn on the VPN, and browse freely. You can even check your financial and healthcare data without the fear of exposing it.


We rarely realize how much data big online corporations actually have on each and every one. Facebook, Amazon, and Google are notorious for spying on their users relentlessly. Government agencies of many countries also track their citizens’ actions. If you want this to stop, a good VPN will help you with this quest.

Limitless content access

Isn’t it annoying to see the “This video is unavailable in your country” message? Well, you won’t see it anytime soon if you use a good VPN service with lots of servers around the world. It will allow you to access any content by a single tap in the screen. Just choose a server in a country where the service or website you want to see is available, and connect to that server.

How to Choose the Best VPN

Currently, there are many VPN services on the market. How to find the best one? Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

  • Jurisdiction of the service
  • Encryption protocols
  • Number of servers and locations
  • Log and policy of the service
  • Speed
  • Pricing

VeePN is an excellent one-tap privacy solution that ticks all the boxes on the list below. Let’s have a more detailed look at why we recommend it.

The service is situated in Panama, which means it doesn’t abide by the law of any of the states that like to collect their citizens’ data. Even if government agencies of some country requests the data, the service won’t provide it, as there are none. VPN by VeePN also doesn’t keep any logs, and it is not obliged to.

The encryption protocols they use include the industry golden standard – IKEv2 and OpenVPN. They have also developed two custom protocols to ensure maximum performance and 100% coverage – Smart TCP and Smart UDP.

VeePN has more than 2500 servers installed in 48+ locations all over the world. This means the service can ensure a smooth and fast location and access to all the content you want from any part of the world. VeePN also doesn’t impose any speed caps or traffic limitations, so you can enjoy the web without any restrictions.

In fact, your connection speed may even increase when you start using VeePN, as it will remove limitations frequently created by the ISPs to make you pay more for a better and faster plan.

VeePN offers three pricing plans, so each user will be able to find something suitable for them. The best plan in term of discount you receive is the longest one, which grants you a 5-year subscription. However, if you are not ready for it now there are also annual and monthly options.


VPNs are rapidly becoming an essential tool in online safety toolkit. They help users to protect their data from hackers and surveillance agencies, as well as get access to geo-restricted content easily.

We hope that this article will help you to choose a good VPN that suits your needs and protects all your data.

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