Who Is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar – The Next President Of Afghanistan

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the co-founder of Taliban, who is believed to be the next President of Afghanistan has arrived in the country and people all over the w0orld believe that he will bring back the barbaric and stone age rules in the country.

Baradar arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 21 in order to talk and form a new government in Afghanistan.

This happened 1 week after the armed group seized the capital without any resistance.

But who exactly is he and why is he believed to be the next president of the Islamic State of Afghanistan?

Who Is Mullah Baradar?

Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund, better known as Mullah Baradar or Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, is an Afghan militant that was one of the founders of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

He is also the deputy of its leader, Mohammed Omar.

The Taliban knows him as the Honorific Mullah and Omar himself nicknamed him Baradar, which means a brother.

Was He Free All The Time?

Mullah Baradar was not free all the time, in fact, he was in jail for 8 straight years, however was recently released.

Officially, Baradar was captured in Pakistan by a team of Inter-Services Intelligence and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) officers in February 2010. However, he was released on October 24, 2018 after Donald Trump, the president of that time, requested his release.

Since his release, he had played an influential role within the Afghan Taliban movement to take over the government, which had recently happened.

Baradar Before Becoming A Taliban Member

Baradar was born in 1968, no official date, in the Weetmak Village, which is located in the Deh Rahwood Uruzgan Province of Afghanistan.

He is a Durrani Pashtun of the Sadozai tribe, which is a sub tripe of the Popalzai people.

Baradar and Mohammed Omar were friends before becoming the founders of the Taliban fighters in the early days of their lives.

Fighting Years

Baradar fought many wars, including the Soviet-Afghan War in Kandahar, which is mainly in the Panjwayi area of Afghanistan.

He was serving as the deputy in a group of the Afghan Mujahideen against the Soviet-backed Afghan government.

Mohammed Omar was also a head in the Mujahideen at that time.

While fighting in the war, Omar gave Abdul the name “Baradar”, which means brother, because of how close they became in the war.

Baradar later operated a madrassa in Maiwand, which is located in the Kandahara Province, alongside Omar.

Also, many believe that Baradar and Omar could possibly be brothers-in-law via marriage to two sisters.

The founding and ruling of Taliban

Om 1994, Omar and Baradar along with 2 other men founded the Taliban in the Southern areas of Afghanistan.

What is the Taliban?

The Talibans are known as students or seekers of the Islam religion. They are a Deobandi Islamist religious-political movement and military organization in Afghanistan. Most of the people from all over the world call them as terrorists and extremist organisations.

They are also one of the 2 main entities in Afghanistan that are claiming to be the legitimate government in Afghanistan.

During the Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001, Baradar held a number of high posts.

According to official reports, he was a governor of Herat and Nimruz provinces and the Coprs Commander for Western Afghanistan.

An unclassified US State Department says that Baradar was the former Deputy Chief of Army Staff and Commander of the Central Army Corps in Kabul.

The Interpol on the other hand says that Baradar was the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Taliban when they were ruling the country from 1996 to 2001.

Baradar’s Imprisonment

On February 8, 2010, Baradar was arrested in Karachi, Pakistan, during a morning Raid.

US Officials along with ISI agents carried out a raid in Karachi, which led to the arrest of Baradar.

The USA confirmed the news of his arrest, however, Pakistan only confirmed the arrest of Baradar 1 week after it was carried out.

Despite having a really high position in the Taliban organization and is a legitimate threat to the peace of the world, he did not stay in jail for a long period of time.

On October 2018, Baradar was released from prison.

The Taliban confirmed on October 25, 2018 that Pakistan had released their leader.

According to reports, Baradar was released at the request of the United States of America.

What His Acts Are After Being Released From Prison?

In February 2020, Baradar was in Doha, Qatar, where he played a huge role in starting peace talks with the USA.

Baradar signed the Doha Agreement on the withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan on behalf of the Taliban.

On August 17, 2021, Baradar had returned to Afghanistan for the first time since the fall of the original Taliban movement’s government in the year 2021.

Right now, Baradar is rumored to be the next president of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, considering that Ashraf Ghani had left his country alone to fight the extremist movement.

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