Woman Tries To Sell Her Husband On Facebook, And This Happened

Here is the most unusual story of a wife and husband that is taking the internet by storm. We all adore our partners, but there are certain situations when we fume with anger. It’s just that sometimes they get so irritating that you want to tell them to p*ss off forever, just so you don’t have to listen to them chewing ice, or jiggling their legs under the table, or mispronouncing Kim Kardashian’s name.

woman sells husband on facebook

For this lady named Teresa Turner, the annoying factor comes down to her misophonia. Misophonia, if you didn’t know, is a sensitivity to certain noises. Teresa can’t handle listening to people eating loudly, so when her husband, Rob, insisted on playing a video of someone crunching over and over again, it was the final straw.

‘I just found this video of a person crunching really loudly, and she told me to stop playing it. I just played it to her over and over again, so she went upstairs and then I just saw this notification on Facebook saying I was for sale or something”, said Rob.

woman sells husband on facebook group

Yup, Teresa had put Rob up for sale on Facebook. Posting on the ‘sell it Kings Lynn’ Facebook page, Teresa shared a picture of her husband along with a description listing his brilliant qualities. ‘I have a 33-year-old husband that is no longer needed due to getting on my nerves,’ she wrote.

She added, ‘I don’t want any money he is FREE. He is house-trained and toilet-trained. First to collect!’ But Teresa’s act of rage didn’t go quite as she’d planned. Hoping for some sympathetic reactions from people who understood the struggle of a deeply aggravating husband, Teresa was instead flooded with offers to take Rob off her hands. That is what she asked for, to be fair. Within hours, the post had more than 300 reactions and plenty of comments from single women who said they’d be happy to take Rob in. Rob responded too, and didn’t seem too bothered by the slam, commenting ‘Brilliant… Do I get my tea cooked too?’

Wife sells husband on facebook

Sadly, no one has come to the house to pick up Rob and take him to his new home, but this may be down to the lack of a 30-day return policy. ‘My husband thought it was funny and still does,’ Teresa said. ‘He’s got a great sense of humor, thankfully. ‘It gave a lot of people something to laugh at and it brightened up their day. I’m happy that our silly sense of humor made others laugh.’ Oh, and don’t worry – the annoying video and the Facebook post haven’t put a real dent in the couple’s relationship.

wife sells husband on facebook

As of now, they’re still happily married and recently celebrated their fourth anniversary with a romantic dinner. Teresa should probably keep checking her local Facebook groups, mind you, as Rob says she’s got a few annoying habits of her own.

husband and wife on facebook

‘She’s always telling me to do the washing up, cut the grass… she even cut up my football boots so that I wouldn’t play football,’ says Rob. ‘It was because I’d broken my leg twice though and I’m not supposed to run, so it was a good place, really.’ Rob’s other irritating habits include leaving dirty socks around the house. Sort it out, Rob.

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